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We got our Pre-Approval!

Monday, August 21st, 2006

Today we got a message from CCAI letting us know that we received our pre-approval to adopt Yi Qin!  I guess that means our paperwork did get there successfully.  A pre-approval means that the CCAA believes we understand Yi Qin’s special need, and have done enough research and have sufficient resources to deal with it.  Now they will have to review our dossier to make sure we meet all of their requirements, and then they will move us to the “match room” where we will be officially matched with our little girl.  Then they’ll issue the travel approval which will enable us to go over there and get her.

Tomorrow I’ll try to post some photos of some of the cute little outfits I’ve picked up for Anna.  I had to go to Kohl’s today to take advantage of a coupon, and every time I go, I have to buy her something.  Today it was a very cute light purple parka with fleece lining by Osh-Kosh.  I’m just guessing at sizes, and have decided to focus on 24 months right now.  I imagine everything will be too big until next summer, and then she’ll have a whole closet full of little sweatshirts and parkas to wear in the heat!