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Home Study Addendum

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Today we received our Home Study Addendum from our wonderful social worker.  She had to update our Home Study to indicate that she thinks we’re qualified to adopt a special needs child. 

For those of you who haven’t been following every step of the adoption process, I’ll try to explain a little about the Home Study.  When the decision is made to adopt, one of the first requirements by both the federal and state governments is to have a home study done.  The home study must be performed by a licensed social worker certified by the state to perform home studies.  The social worker, or home study agency, is the first resource about adoption, and is responsible for providing guidance through the all of the legal preparations and red tape involved. 

The home study itself involves one or more interviews with the social worker, during which she tries to learn as much as she can about the prospective parents’ qualifications and motivations for adopting.  She will try to provide advice about what form of adoption would be best suited to the couple, such as domestic vs. international, or which of the many international programs are appropriate.  She will also visit the couple’s home at least once.  After these interviews, she will prepare the Home Study document which is essentially a summary of the couple’s background and her assessment of their qualifications. 

Because we didn’t initially go into the China adoption program with the intention of adopting a special needs child, or “Waiting child” as they are called by the Chinese government, our Home Study did not mention our abilities to parent a special needs child.  Therefore, after we were matched with Anna, we sent all of her information to our social worker, and she wrote a short addendum to our Home Study indicating her support for our adoption of this particular child.  We don’t  have to send this anywhere, but we do have to hand-carry this to China with us when we go, and give it to the government officials there.  So, one more step is complete!

Since that was a lot of boring writing, I’m putting in a couple of pictures of more little things we’ve been accumulating for Anna: