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Care Package to China

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Many people send a care package to their soon-to-be-children care of their orphanage after they are matched. Our agency sent us lots on information about how to put one together, so we decided to work on that this afternoon.  We are enclosing a cute little set of pajamas with some matching socks, one of those little blankets with the stuffed animal head attached in the center (this one is a dog), a single-use camera that the orphanage nannies or the foster mother will hopefully use to take pictures of Anna, and then return to us when we go to pick her up, and the piece de resistance, a little photo album with pictures of us and the cats and dogs, the house, our families, etc.  The agency provided us with a list of common words (like Mother, Father, etc.) and their corresponding Chinese characters, so we printed those on labels, and then stuck them on the photos in the appropriate places so that someone can show her the pictures and tell her who those people are!  We found the cutest little photo album at Hallmark, made by Gund specifically for a little one to carry around.  It’s got a padded terry cloth cover with a little handle on it, and 6 heavy duty clear plastic pockets, sewn with cloth binding, for us to insert 12 photos.

photos11.jpg photos2.jpg   



pjs1.jpg blankie11.jpg

Hopefully, these items will actually get to the orphanage.  And even if they do, there’s no guarantee they’ll get to Anna.  But if they do, we’ll at least have a little more record of her early months.  We’ll see!

What do you call …

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Two days of rain in a row?  Here in the Northeast Kingdom, we call that a weekend!  Actually, we got away with only one day of rain this weekend (Sunday), and Saturday was a beautiful, partly cloudy, upper 60’s sort of day.  That gave us a great opportunity to do a little more painting on the front of our clinic building.  We’re still trying to get ready for our certification visit from the American Animal Hospital Association, a group we are proud to belong to.  They keep us on the straight and narrow, and help ensure that our standards of practice are uniformly high.  So, we spent all of Saturday afternoon scraping loose paint off of the spindles on our entrance railing, and putting a coat of primer on them.  We’re still not quite done with the whole railing, but when that’s finished, we can move on to the window and door trim.  Yippee!  At least staying in Littleton all afternoon gave us the perfect excuse to have lunch at the Italian Oasis, one of our favorite spots.  We’re only allowed one “real” meal a day on our diet, so it’s quite a treat to get to eat it at the Oasis. 

 If we can only get another 2 or 3 weekend days without rain, before the snow flies, we might be able to get the most urgent of the painting done!