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Care package en route!

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Well, I wrapped up the care package and took it to the Post Office today.  A very nice clerk helped me get everything filled out and we sent it on its way.  I hope it gets to the right place, and Anna will have some idea of who we are when we go to pick her up.  It cost just about as much to send it as it did to buy the things to put in it!

Joe spoke with someone at our agency yesterday, and they are going to request some updated information about Anna, like her current size, and any changes in her medical information.  If we get that info before we have to leave for China, I’ll post it here so everyone will know how she’s doing.

I picked up a cold somewhere (in August!)  I don’t even know anyone who’s sick right now!  It started yesterday, and just got worse today.  So, I’m running around with a headache and stuffy nose, trying to keep my brains out of the fog long enough to do my job today.  At least I’m home now, and my hubby made me a nice dinner, and went out to buy me cold medicine, so I can crawl into my bed soon and try to recharge for tomorrow!