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New Stats on Anna!

Friday, September 1st, 2006

Today we received an update on Anna from CCAI via e-mail!  I was so surprised – I wasn’t expecting to hear anything this soon.  Her measurements as reported on 8/30/06 are as follows:

  • Weight        9.4 kg       20.7 lbs
  • Height          80 cm       31.5 in
  • Head circ.   44.5 cm       17.5 in
  • Chest circ   45.5 cm       17.9 in
  • Feet             13 cm         5.1 in
  • Teeth           12               12         (You have the same number of teeth in the English system as you do in metric! )

I’m pasting the text of the rest of her report below:

Jiang Yi Qin

9/1/2006 Update
Her current health is good and had no fevers .
The orphanage did not notice that her vision had any problems and felt that she could see normally, did not bump into things.  The orphanage did not feel that she had nystagmus.  She does not wear sunglasses outside.
She started crawling at the age of over 7 months old.
She stands up by herself and walk steadily.
She can pick up objects from a standing position.
She likes riding the tricycle, playing with ball and sand.
She can move to music.
Her daily schedule:
   7:30 am get up and drink milk
   10:00 am eat noodle or bread and congee.
   11:30 am lunch
   12:30~3:00 pm have a nap and then eat congee or fruits
   6:30 pm dinner
   9:30 pm drink milk and then go to sleep.
She eats rice, congee, vegetable, fruits, meat, noodle.  She drinks milk.
She has a bath twice or three times per day in summer.  She has shower.  She likes.

I’m glad she likes baths.  We like those around here. 

According to American infant girls growth charts, for a 16 month old, she is in about the 70th percentile for height, but only about the 15th percentile for weight.  When you look at Chinese infant growth charts, she falls more into the 75th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight.  Her head circumference, if measured correctly, seems to fall between the 10th and 25th percentiles, depending on which chart you look at, but is definitely within the normal range.  Maybe she’ll be tall and slender, with a small head, like her mother.  Well, at least the tall with a small head part, anyway.