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On-call woes

Sunday, September 3rd, 2006

My associate and I ended up with Labor Day weekend call duty this year for our veterinary emergency co-op.  We have 6 participating clinics in the area, and we share call duties on weeknights, and rotate weekends.  There are 6 major holidays that we rotate, as well.  I’ve been on-call since yesterday morning, and my associate takes over at noon today.  At least it’s raining today (naturally, it’s a Sunday, and I might otherwise have been able to get some painting done on the outside of the building!) so hopefully it won’t be so busy.  Yesterday was an absolute nightmare of phone calls.  I received 20 calls yesterday alone!  Not many of them were actual emergencies that needed to be seen, but as you can imagine, having to talk 20 different people through their animal crises can be rather exhausting.

This morning I’ve only had to talk to 3 so far, and I was able to give a good report to the owner of a hospitalized case, so it’s a good day.  I’m looking forward to handing call over to my colleague soon!