Anna’s foster family

We got another little update on Anna’s living situation in China from CCAI today.  We had been confused whether she was with a foster family, or in the orphanage.  As you can see, she’s with a foster family, and it sounds like a great situation for her.  Now I’m going to worry that we’re taking her away from her wonderful home with a little old grandmother who absolutely dotes on her, and she’ll be miserable when she has to come with us!  Of course, we know that isn’t true, and we also know that children with albinism have little opportunity for normal education or social interaction in China.  She’ll look so normal in our family, I doubt that people will even notice any differences in her.

Jiang Yi Qin

9/5/2006 Update
Foster Family:
The orphanage told me that she had been in the foster care since 11/2005, her foster father worked in geologic exploration team, foster mother stayed at home to care Jiang Yi Qin and her own two grandchildren (one is 5 years old, another is 6 years old) and their own children were married and lived nearby.

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