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Down Jacket

Saturday, September 16th, 2006

I’m so worried about Anna being cold when she gets to Vermont.  She’s from a very southern province in China, where it seems to only get down to the 50’s in the dead of winter.  Vermont will be a complete shock to her little system.  I’ve been shopping for warm clothes for her, and recently got this adorable little down parka for her from Land’s End.  And check out the little “Kitty” fleece cap on the right.  I can actually get it on my head (although I can’t connect the chin flaps), so if she doesn’t like it, I can always wear it!

Now, I have to go on a mission for snow pants.  I keep thinking of new things we’ll need to have, and if it’s the middle of winter when she comes home (as we’re hoping) we’ll have to have those things waiting in the car at the airport for the ride home!

Welcome to the newest member of the family!

Saturday, September 16th, 2006

We have a new friend living on our front lawn:

I think he’s a defensive lineman, but I don’t know the jersey numbering system well enough to be certain of that.  He’s up and ready for the OU-Oregon game this afternoon.  Thanks for the birthday present, Dad!