New Photo – of us!

Out of a lack of interesting news, I’m posting a photo of Joe and I that I took yesterday after church.  We’re standing in front of our burning bush, which is pretty brilliant right now.  Those of you who know that we’ve been strugging heroically to lose weight this year might be able to tell a difference from the last time you saw us.  I’m down 84 pounds from February, and Joe is down about 50 pounds. I’ve got a couple of pairs of size 12 pants I can actually wear right now.  Can you believe it?  We’re doing our best to be able to chase after that toddler!

2 Responses to “New Photo – of us!”

  1. JJC says:

    Billie, you keep looking better and better all the time, and I love that smile! Your husband is still ugly, but at least there is less of him now.

  2. Amy Bashaw says:

    Hello! I got to your site from the Guigang group. We too have an Anna Elizabeth! We adopted her 8/23/05. Congrats!