Anna’s gift from Diane

My receptionist and good friend Diane brought Anna “Good Night Moon” today.  She says it’s the best bed-time story every, and she would know, with 2 grown-up kids and a brand new granddaughter!  Welcome to Miss Rebecca Kathryn Colby, and congratulations to Diane and daughter Amanda (the proud mama!)

I also had a walk down memory lane last week when I found a Dressy Bessy doll for Anna.  I never had one, but my little sister Nicki just adored hers, and carried her everywhere with her.  I think she’s just the right age for Anna, and I hope she’ll have as much fun with her as Nicki did.

One Response to “Anna’s gift from Diane”

  1. Nicki says:

    Ahhh, Dressy Bessie (I’m not sure if it’s Bessie or Bessy either). I dropped her in the mud in the parking lot of H&H and we had to wash her in the water fountain. And I cried and the bakery lady gave me a cookie. Actually, the cookie might have been from the time I turned the full grocery cart over on myself. But anyway, I think I wore Dressy Bessie out, so she is definitely a good choice for a little girl!