Anna’s name

For those who might be wondering about the source of the names we’ve chosen for Anna, I’ll give a quick explanation.  I’ve looked up the two names on the Social Security Administration’s website, and found that Anna is the 20th most common name given to little girls in America, and Elizabeth is even more common (I forget where, exactly).  So, we’re not exactly going to get lots of originality points for our choice.  In fact, I can foresee Anna being known in grade school as the “Chinese Anna”.

Our reasons for choosing these two old-fashioned but lovely names are simply my grandmothers.  My paternal grandmother was Anna Marie Amelia Zastrow (married: Winter), and my maternal grandmother was Bessie Broadnax (married: Bittle).  We’ve altered Bessie to be a little more formal, but that’s where the name originated.  I hope that she’ll appreciate the significance of her names when she’s old enough to understand where they came from.

If we are so fortunate to get to add a second child to our family, we’re planning to try to come up with a combination of Joe’s grandmothers’ names for her. 

Now I must take myself off to bed.  I’ve got surgeries to do tomorrow morning …

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