Some folks are getting referrals

Congratulations to all the families who received their referrals Monday and Tuesday!  The CCAA posted that they had matched all families with LID’s (log-in dates) before August 9, 2005, early Monday morning.  So those folks have been waiting between 13 and 14 months from the time they sent all their paperwork to China.  It will take another 4-8 weeks for them to get their travel approvals (it’s been averaging about 4 weeks lately) and then they’ll travel 2-4 weeks after that.  They’re thinking they’ll be traveling in November. 

While we’re no longer in the traditional adoption program, it’s still fun to follow the progress of the matching process.  It’s taking longer and longer for them to match each set of LID’s, and our fellow April 2006 LIDer’s are suspecting that it will be October of 2007 before they receive their referrals, unless things speed up significantly.  Our best wishes to all of our cyber-friends in that group.

Again, we’ve already been matched with little Miss Anna, and are roughly 43 days into our wait for our TA.  We’re hoping that we might get our TA in mid-late October, and we might get to travel with the folks that got their traditional referrals this week.  So, we’re hoping and praying for a speedy TA.

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