Day 45

People who have submitted their paperwork to adopt a special needs child from China all talk about the number of days they’ve been waiting for their TA’s (travel approval) to arrive.  We count forward from the date that all of our paperwork was logged in in China.  In our case, our paperwork was all logged in last April, but our letter of intent (LOI) to adopt Jiang Yi Qin was sent on August 14, 2006.  That’s the day I’m counting from, because that seems to be the consensus.  We did receive a pre-approval from China on August 21, so I could count from that date, but that doesn’t sound as good.  Saying we’ve been waiting 45 days sounds so much closer to the goal than 38 days. 

There is a rumor going around that since all Chinese government offices will be closed October 1-7 for a national holiday, there will be a batch of special needs TA’s issued before they go on vacation.  That would mean they’d be mailed tomorrow probably, and start arriving in the US early next week.  It’s just a rumor, and even if it’s true, we’re still a bit early in the game to expect ours. However, I know of at least one instance where a family received their TA in under 40 days, and one in this last batch was at 58 days, so it’s just barely possible for us this time around.  I’m having a hard time focusing on anything else these days …

We’re hoping and praying constantly that we’ll soon get to bring our little girl home, but as Lutherans, we’re doing it very quietly from the back row of the sanctuary, all the while singing hymns in 4-part harmony as we consider which casserole to prepare for our next pot-luck lunch!

Joe will tell you that if we don’t get to bring her home soon, there won’t be any money left for us to actually pay for all of her fees, because I’m so busy spending it on stuff for her.  And some on me, as well, of course.  And some on him.  I’m now using the excuse that I have to find a few sets of lightweight, wrinkle-free clothes that we can wash out in the hotel sink and dry overnight.  The fewer clothes for us we take, the more we can bring for Anna and the more we can bring home!  The shopaholics out there will understand that you don’t actually need a good excuse to shop! 

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