Desperately cleaning, and procrastinating

The Winter parents arrive for their yearly visit tomorrow afternoon, and we’re all in a tizzy getting ready.  Joe knows better than to entrust much of the cleaning to me, because I’m hopeless at it, but I do have a few very specific jobs.  I’m in charge of cleaning all the random paperwork off of the kitchen table (a task which takes me hours because I have to examine every bit of paper and then decide what to do with it).  I’m in charge of cleaning my bathroom, which I did in the middle of the week.  Mission accomplished! 

Joe has completed his clean-up efforts in the guest suite downstairs, and has been spending this evening trying to create enough room in the nursery to set up the crib.  I haven’t looked in there, being much too busy procrastinating to waste any time watching what he’s doing, but he’s been very busy.  He reports that it was a very trying day for Sirius Black, our 3 year old Australian Cattle Dog.  Siri is petrified of the vacuum cleaner, even when it’s not running.  Joe had it stationed in the doorway to the office much of the day, and somehow Siri got trapped inside the office.  He can’t get around the vacuum, no matter what.  (Makes it a pretty effective barrier if we’re trying to keep him away from something, like the couch!)  Then, Joe actually had the audacity to get out the Hoover Floor Sweeper thingie (a hard floor sort of electric mop) which is just as scary as the vacuum.  I guess that had Siri cowering under my desk for the afternoon, completely unable to escape the office.  It’s rough being a type A neurotic cattle dog!

Well, back to my kitchen table chore!

One Response to “Desperately cleaning, and procrastinating”

  1. JJC says:

    Joe appreciates the props for his cleaning efforts. Sirius did a nice job of curling up into a ball underneath the desk – and when I would vacuum that desk he would run under the other desk to hide :o