Almost Friday

It’s been a slow week from an Anna standpoint.  My associate is off on a well-deserved vacation, so it’s been a very busy work week for me.  Anna’s even had to come to work a couple of times so Joe could head off to class while I finished up with cases.  Tomorrow’s the last full day, and Dr. P comes back next Monday, so I can go back to my normal schedule.  Our veterinary emergency group has been going through some painful transitions as well, and several meetings and less-than-pleasant faxes have been required to get it all sorted out.  I’m ready for a bit of a break!

Anna had a routine checkup with our doctor today.  Everything seems to be just fine.  We’re putting off any more vaccinations for now (thank heavens!)  She is supposed to have her blood lead level tested at the age of two, so she’ll get her vaccine titers checked at the same time.  According to the doctor’s office’s measurements, she actually shrunk since her last visit.  Pretty funny.  Our measurements at home show that she’s grown a little less than an inch, and she’s put on about 4 pounds since she came home.  She’s just doing so well right now.  She’s OK with mama or baba, and is behaving like a normal toddler.  I still can’t get her to sit still and listen to a story, so I try to talk to her and sing to her as much as I can so she’ll have an easier time picking up the language.  She’s really stopped talking Chinese, so I’m hoping English will just start pouring out of her mouth soon!  I’m getting tired of not having any idea what she’s saying.  Although, my sister talked to her for a couple of minutes today, and claimed that she could clearly understand several phrases.  I was holding the child at the time, and I didn’t hear those things, but maybe she really did say them.  Apparently I need to hire my sister as a Chinese baby interpreter!

3 Responses to “Almost Friday”

  1. MOM says:

    I am so glad Anna’s visit to the doctor went well. She is growing because you are such a good cook and fixing things she really likes. She probably never had her little tummy feel full until she came to your house. She is adjusting fine now and with your kindness and always letting her know you love her has really helped. Bravo to you and Joe, you are great parents.

  2. Nicki says:

    To be fair, Anna said many things that I couldn’t understand. But when you confirmed that the phrases I thought I heard actually were true, it makes me think that really is what she said. She certainly loves to talk, so once she finally does start making sense to you, she’ll probably never shut up!! :agree:

    Good move on slowing down the vaccinations. She should at least only have one at a time. Keep feeding her all that yummy food, and she’ll start getting bigger in no time!!

  3. Pat says:

    One thought on the food issue. Like most toddlers, they eat and eat and eat. What these little ones have trouble with is feeling full. They don’t know what it means since they probably spent most of their life being hungry. I waited too late with Miss Mia and I am now having to limit how much she eats. She has become quite the little porker. It doesn’t make her very happy, but if I don’t do it now, she will struggle with eating disorders later in life. However, it sounds like this little one is doing all the toddler things she should be and she is so darn cute. Does she have curl in her hair? Just curious. Those of us in our family with hair that color all have curl…. A LOT of curl.

    Sounds like you guys are just doing great. Congratulations.

    Pat and girls