Child labor

It’s that time of year in Vermont when you can’t walk into the house without tracking dirty snow through the kitchen.  We try to take our shoes off at the door, but when you’re carrying groceries or a kid, sometimes it’s not always practical to do that.  So, we end up with dirty footprints on the floor.

Anna was mushing around the kitchen this evening while Joe was making some supper, and she asked for a paper towel.  I thought she wanted to wipe her face because she was kind of drooly, but, she took it from me, and immediately started wiping at some of those footprints.  After I got over my shock, I praised her mightily.  Certainly don’t want to discourage that sort of activity.  This is another one of those things she’s probably never seen her mama or baba doing!  I’m hoping we actually did bring home a little neat freak.  She’ll always be ashamed to bring her friends home, but it’s a parent’s job to be an embarrassment to her children, isn’t it?

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One Response to “Child labor”

  1. Pat says:

    Yes it is! My 2 younger kids who were in foster care and an orphanage respectively did the same thing. I think the “mamas” make them pick up after themselves at a very early age. Mia and Chloe have been putting the dishes in the dishwasher for over a year and the pick up their rooms all the time without being asked. My older 2 have to be seriously prodded or in Taylor’s case, have everything thrown out to get them to clean their rooms. Look at it this way….. you won’t have to hire a cleaning service when you get overwhelmed and just can’t do it. Just send Anna.