The Great Valentine’s Day Blizzard of 2007

Finally.  Some snow in the Northeast Kingdom.  Naturally, it had to all fall at once.  I guess it started about 4AM here, a good old-fashioned nor’easter.  By the time I left for work, we had about 6 fresh inches on the ground.  All of my surgeries showed up, so I had to do those, but every single afternoon appointment cancelled, so I was able to close up early and send my staff home before it got much worse.  By the time we left the office at about 12:30, our parking lot had been plowed twice already, with 2 more inches on the ground in the last hour.  By this evening, I’d say we’ve got a total of about 30 inches on the ground (which includes the 10-12 that was already there), so about 18 inches of fresh snow.  They’re predicting another 2-4 overnight, and maybe a little tomorrow morning, but it’s definitely slowing down.  Bitter cold, too.  It did make it into the teens today, but it’s back below 10 degrees now.  The wind is blowing at a pretty fierce clip, prompting blizzard warnings until tomorrow morning.  At least we haven’t lost our power or our satellite, so we’re snug as three little bugs in a rug in our little house.  Well, I was snug until Joe decided to start shoveling a path out the back door for the dogs, which seems to necessitate leaving the door standing wide open.  But I digress.

2-14-07-3.JPG 2-14-07-4.JPG 2-14-07-5.JPG 2-14-07-6.JPG

These photos were taken about 4PM, right after our driveway was plowed.  I couldn’t figure out how to really demonstrate how high the snow was, but you can see how close to being covered the mailboxes are, and how much is on the picnic table. By late evening, the snow on the ground reached almost to the bottom of the picnic table.  Miss Fleur was just so cute looking out the front window, I had to put her picture in as well.

We had a fun afternoon at home.  After her nap, Anna posed with her pal Porter, and then demonstrated how she could sit on her new Dora the Explorerer chair in the office.  We got 2 (clearance at Walmart) so she could have one in the office and one downstairs.  She thought it would be great fun to drag them both around the house.  Apparently now she’s into interior design as well as cleaning.

2-14-07-1.JPG 2-14-07-2.JPG 2-14-07-7.JPG

We had more black-eyed peas for dinner, and Anna wanted nothing else.  I was able to bribe her into eating some of her chicken nuggets and green beans, but the peas were aces.  We had a nice Valentine’s Day, with several nice presents from my hubbie.  I got Anna a little foam visor and a collection of Sponge Bob Squarepants foam stickers to decorate it with.  She spent quite a while working on it before bed. 

2-14-07-8.JPG 2-14-07-9.JPG 2-14-07-10.JPG

Well, it’s off to bed.  I’m anxious to see how much more snow we’ll have in the morning.  By the way, I was really pleased with my Subaru’s performance today.  It plowed right through about 18 inches of snow at the end of our driveway from the plow when I came home today.  It didn’t even hesitate.  Pretty impressive for a glorified minivan.

3 Responses to “The Great Valentine’s Day Blizzard of 2007”

  1. Pat says:

    I did what I could to send the snow your way. Looks like it finally decided to happen. We. in Colorado, would like you to keep it there. We are moving next week and certainly don’t want to fight with the roads. Enjoy your snow and get those snow boots out. Sounds like fun if you don’t have to fight the roads.


  2. Nicki says:

    I hope Anna received a little Valentine package from her auntie Nicki, that it made it through all that snow!!

  3. Billie says:

    Nicki, look for the next post, coming soon. It just arrived here on Friday, and one from Aunt Cheryl on Saturday. We didn’t even get mail delivery on Thursday this week. It was pretty dire.