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Belated Valentines and Blizzard Sequelae

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

Anna would like to express her thanks to her Auntie Nicki and Great Aunt Cheryl for her lovely Valentine’s Day packages.  Due to our “paralyzing” blizzard, mail delivery was spotty and delayed up here.  We actually got mail on Wednesday in the teeth of the storm, but the mailman didn’t even bother to come on Thursday.  Auntie Nicki’s package arrived on Friday, and Aunt Cheryl’s on Saturday.  Nothing like being able to celebrate holidays over a weeklong period!  Anna also got nice cards from grandparents, and a card and a little gift from Great Aunt Ina with which to buy some candy.  As she’s not much of a candy eater at this point, we’ll probably sink it into gummy bears (which I suppose are candy, too, although hardly worth the effort in my opinion!)

2-18-07-2.JPG Pink camo tennies and a bear from Auntie Nicki

2-18-07-1.JPG An assortment of goodies from Aunt Cheryl, including a light-up flashing ring and necklace

I wanted to get some pictures of the snow piled up before it gets too filthy.  It’s already pretty dirty, but yesterday afternoon was the first chance I had (that really means it was the first time it was warmer than 10 degrees, and I was willing to stand outside for a few minutes taking pictures). The first picture is from the street showing the piles from the street plow, added to by some of the snow in our driveway.  Normally you can see our whole house from this angle.  The next photos demonstrate how high the pile right in front of our house is, where our local plow guy puts most of our driveway snow.  I’ll bet he’s wishing he’d pushed the initial pile farther back (a week or so ago when we got about 8 inches) because if we get another decent storm or two, he’s going to run out of space to put it.

2-18-07-3.JPG 2-18-07-5.JPG 2-18-07-4.JPG

And then, because I know you all just come to the blog to see pictures of Anna, here’s one from yesterday afternoon in her car seat wearing her shades again.  It was beautifully sunny, and she actually put them on herself and kept them on for awhile.  They probably made it difficult for her to watch her Baby Einstein video that was playing on her own personal in-car DVD viewing system.  It keeps her from getting too bored on the hour-long car trips we’re always taking.


We made it to church this morning, about our usual degree of late.  We had a tiny bit of snow overnight, but the road crews never seem to think it’s important to do any road-clearing on Sunday mornings, so Rt. 2 is often a mess.  Today was no exception.  It was pretty slow going, but we got there.  We had choir practice and a pot-luck, so Anna got to play a little with the other kids.  She still prefers to play with Baba, but she actually shows a little interest in what the other kids are doing now.  It won’t be long before she’s tearing around creating general havoc just like everyone else.  Funny aside; I was sitting at a long table eating some lunch, and I felt something brush by my leg.  I didn’t even look because I’m so used to dogs and cats weaving around my legs all the time.  When I finally realized it wasn’t likely to be a dog, I looked down and there were two little boys crawling around merrily on the floor under the tables.  I’m ready for Anna to get to that stage, where she can actually explore a little on her own.  I can deal with the crawling around on the floor.  It’s the constant hanging on my or Joe’s leg that’s getting a bit tiring.  I know it will come in time.