Changing her middle name to “Knieval”

Suffice it to say, a scooter is not an appropriate means to descend a staircase. For some time, I have been wondering how children manage to survive to adulthood. Now, I’m wondering how mothers survive their children’s childhoods. In the next photos you see of Anna, she will be sporting the latest in full-body bubble-wrap. Including her head, because that’s what usually hits the ground first. I should just buy her a football helmet. Do they make them for 2 year olds?

I’m not going to describe the episode, because it’s just too harrowing to relive. No one was injured, although I will probably no longer live to my previously pre-determined old age. At least I have an appointment with my hairdresser for next week to take care of all the new gray hairs that sprouted since this morning!

3 Responses to “Changing her middle name to “Knieval””

  1. Pat says:

    You haven’t lived until you look out the window and see them lining their bikes up at the top of the slide so they can ride them down. ALL 4 OF THEM! Take a breath, remind her it’s not a good idea to do that and then go have a beer. We still haven’t had any broken bones, but we have had a few stitches……


  2. Marsha and Chris Carey says:


    Evan introduced us to virtually EVERY emergency room no matter where we lived!
    It was usually one of our first places to visit!


  3. JJC says:

    Mmmm . . . . Beer =P

    (this is what my brain is reduced to these days)