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Anna reads a book

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Anna woke up from her nap this afternoon and brought me her Christopher Churchmouse book. She wanted me to hold it (as she does everything with which she’s playing. The child is incapable of holding anything herself or putting it down on the floor or on her very own 2-year old sized table. That wouldn’t require enough of my attention!) Anyway, as I held her book, she started turning pages, and TELLING ME A STORY! Not much of it was recognizable, but she changed her tone of voice to a louder, preachier tone, and started talking. She was clearly talking about the pictures, as I could pick out words like “kitty” and “mama mouse”, which were on the pages she was looking at.

I think I have a prodigy!

Then she proceeded to feed her puppy. We have to feed him frequently; he’s very hungry!

Quick, quick! Blog while she’s sleeping!

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

First, I interrupt this post with an important announcement:  Spring has finally arrived in Vermont!


Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming …

Last week, Anna received a lovely little outfit from her Great Aunt Myrtis in Chicago, and even though it was still cold, she wanted to wear the little skort, so we put it on for her to lounge around the house, and do a little clean-up.

4-23-07-2.jpg 4-23-07-3.jpg

This weekend was absolutely lovely, so we spent some time outdoors.  We went on a roughly 5 mile walk on Saturday afternoon, this time carefully pulling up Anna’s socks so she didn’t get a sunburn on her little exposed legs.  Check out the cute Elmo umbrella!

4-23-07-4.jpg 4-23-07-5.jpg 

Then we blew bubbles and played ball for awhile, before Anna got too tired and started to melt down.

4-23-07-6.jpg 4-23-07-7.jpg

Anna wore the first of 3 (yes, three!) sailor dresses her mama has gotten her (I LOVE sailor dresses!) to church yesterday.  It wasn’t quite warm enough to wear without the sweater, but she didn’t mind.  Her buddy Taylor was hiding in the cupboard for Anna to find her at church.

4-23-07-8.jpg 4-23-07-9.jpg

This AM Anna had her 2-year old check-up with our doctor.  She’s doing well, developmentally on- or ahead of target for her age.  She weighed almost 25 pounds, and was 32.5 inches tall.  She’s put on a tiny bit of weight, and grown about an inch since we got home with her.  She’s in the 65th percentile for height (imagine a little Chinese girl being above average!) and the 11th percentile for weight.  Doctor isn’t worried.  She says she looks fine to her, but we’ll take her in in 6 months for another check-up and weigh-in.  By the way, her lab work a couple of weeks ago showed sufficient vaccine titers, so she doesn’t need any more vaccines.

Our social worker visited this morning, too, for Anna’s 6 month post-placement report, and she was entranced by Anna.  Well, who wouldn’t be?

Here’s another little video of Anna playing on Saturday to keep you entertained!

I’m forever blowing bubbles …

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

Back in our own beds

Thursday, April 19th, 2007


I know many of you were worried about reports of our nor’easter and the snow and wind that caused so many problems. They were not exaggerated. We had a nasty, slushy snowstorm a week ago today that caused the worst driving conditions I’ve seen this winter. Then, Sunday night, the nor’easter arrived. We didn’t get the snow; it stayed too warm for that, but there was lots of rain, and the wind was horrendous. Coming from a tornado state, I’ve seen winds and many trees down, but never so many as I saw here on Monday. Apparently we don’t get enough high winds here, because every feeble tree in Vermont fell over on Monday. We were almost closed into our neighborhood by fallen trees; at some point or other throughout the storm, ALL of our exit roads were blocked. Just not all at the same time. The Waterford town crew did a fantastic job of keeping the felled trees off the roads, but they couldn’t do anything about the ones that knocked over power lines.

Our power went out at about 9 AM Monday morning, and was out until around 4 PM Tuesday afternoon. Fortunately it wasn’t all that cold out (40 degrees), and we have a propane heater in the basement that doesn’t require any electricity. However, for those of you unfamiliar with rural life, we have our own drilled well in our yard that supplies all of our household water. Wells require a pump to get the water up from the ground into your house, and of course, our pump is electrically operated. No water at all if there’s no power. No water means no flushing toilets. With 2 very toilet-dependent adults and a toddler, that becomes a big problem. I was collecting snow melt and rain to get the toilet flushed from all the times we used it before we decided to pack up and go to the clinic for the night.

Littleton was without power for only a short time on Monday afternoon, and the power was restored by evening, so Anna and I packed up while it was still light and headed back out into the teeth of the storm. We arrived at the clinic, went and got a bite at Quiznos, then holed up and waited for Baba to join us. Anna was a trooper. Slept just fine in the strange place. As long as Mama and Baba are there, it can’t be all bad, huh?

Tuesday, when our power was still out, and reports of power outages through most of the state of Vermont, and no promise of restoration until the weekend, we decided to start looking for a generator. None available locally, of course. Joe finally tracked one down in Tilton (an hour away) so when I finished morning appointments, we headed down and picked it up. I was figuring out how I was going to rewire our water pump with the right kind of plug for the generator on the way home, but as we drove up to the house, our porch light was on!!!! Yea!!!! The whole town of Waterford has me to thank for the quick restoration of our power. As one of my on-line friends asked, why didn’t we just go get the generator in the first hour the power was off? We would have gotten our power back much sooner that way! I figured I’m not really responsible for it, because if I were, they would have waited until I had made at least 3 trips back and forth to the hardware store and spent another $100 on supplies to rewire the water pump, and probably ruined the pump in the process.

In any case, we’re all home, all safe and sound. I don’t think we really lost any food in the fridge or freezer. Many places still don’t have power, though, so we’re grateful. And, our power still goes out a couple of times a day as they continue to clear trees leaning on power lines, and repair other lines. So, we’re not totally out of the woods. But, it’s 60 degrees out today, it’s bright and sunny, and there are predictions of 70 degree days this weekend, AND I’m not on call until next weekend, so life should be fine for a while!

Anna’s Easter finery

Sunday, April 8th, 2007

Just a few quick pics of Anna’s first Easter. She and her buddy Taylor were hunting eggs after church, and then we continued our Easter tradition of dinner at Applebee’s. Otherwise, a lazy afternoon at home for us. Back to the real world tomorrow; I have to go to the dentist. Ugh.

4-8-07-2.jpg 4-8-07-1.jpg 4-8-07-3.jpg

April showers?!

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

That would be snow showers. Or blizzard. A new 12 inches of heavy, wet snow on the ground. And just in time for Easter. What a treat! We were almost out of snow, so this batch arrived just in time. Even better, the temperature is hovering around 32 degrees, so it’s not all that cold. That means our dirt road, which is about 6 inches deep in mud this time of year, now has a layer of slush on the top. Foot-deep ruts covered with slush. Oh, the joy!

At least it shouldn’t stick around long. We sometimes get snows like this into May. It just hasn’t happened the last several years, so it kind of took us all by surprise. Naturally, it knocked our power out mid-day, so we just left the house and went out to do errands and eat lunch, because when we don’t have power, we don’t have water or toilet-flushing capability.

Easter is coming, though; a wonderful reminder of how blessed we truly are. The Easter egg hunt after church will likely be a mess, but worse things could happen. Maybe they can do it indoors instead. Less mud on the Easter dress!

Birthday video 2

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Here’s the second video, same disclaimer. Evidently I can’t put two videos in one post. I tried it, but the second one wouldn’t load.

Birthday video 1

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Here’s a short video clip from Anna’s birthday celebration yesterday. It is provided here WITHOUT the express consent of Auntie Renee, so enjoy it quickly before she sees it and makes me take it down.

The princess turns 2!

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Miss Anna celebrated her birthday yesterday in style with balloons, cupcakes, presents, a tiara … what else could a princess need?
4-1-07-10.jpg 4-1-07-12.jpg 4-1-07-11.jpg

We began with the cupcakes, because once she saw those, there was no time to be wasted on presents.

4-1-07-9.jpg 4-1-07-8.jpg 

Once the cupcakes were dispensed with, we were able to move on to gifts.  She received a circus of a pull toy from Auntie Renee, a collection of slide whistles from Mama, a most excellent sax-o-flute from Auntie Priscilla (which she hasn’t put down all day), a Wee-Sing cd and play-dough from Auntie Diane, and a collection of cute things, but mostly a wonderful little basket of stuffed flowers from Auntie Jackie and Hannah.

4-1-07-7.jpg 4-1-07-6.jpg 4-1-07-5.jpg 

4-1-07-4.jpg 4-1-07-3.jpg

From Mama and Baba, she also got an AquaDoodle, a really cool fabric mat that changes color when a water-filled pen is used to draw on it.  It changes back to white when it dries.  Should be good for hours of fun if we can keep the cats and dogs off of it.  She also got a song-book with some Sesame Street songs and a built in microphone so she can sing along.  She got a new Elmo DVD and a new Backyardigans DVD for her in-car viewing entertainment.  She got a new notebook to enter her most personal musings, hand-tracings, etc.  She received very nice cards from Grammy and Nono, Gandma and Grandpa, and Aunt Ina (with a nice gift inside!)  All in all, a most excellent second birthday!

She started out the day going to church, wearing her beautiful birthday dress that Grandma got her in Oklahoma.  She had a blast playing with Taylor Schulz after church, and Joe snapped a couple of great pictures of the two of them.  He also shot a very unattractive picture of Mama’s backside while she was directing the choir, but I have elected not to include that one.  I think it’s time for some renewed effort on the diet.

4-1-07-2-crop.jpg 4-1-07-1-red-eye.jpg