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Lilacs in May

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007


Spring seems to have arrived in earnest in the Northeast Kingdom, at last.  The apple tree has finished blooming, the lilacs are fragrant, the roses are budding, our second replacement fir tree is dying, ahhhh….

Miss Anna received a lovely little romper for my birthday last week from Grandma.  She wore it shopping in the afternoon, and practically everyone we walked past had to comment on how cute she was.

5-30-07-1.jpg 5-30-07-2.jpg

Mama was on call much of the weekend, but finally got to come home Sunday afternoon and do a bit of cleaning.  I did the kitchen floor, and Anna did the living room.  She’s advanced from plain old brooms to the power appliances.

5-30-07-3.jpg 5-30-07-4.jpg

We went out yesterday afternoon to play a bit of ball.  Anna is quite good at throwing the ball, and kicking it is fun.  She still doesn’t really have the hang of catching it yet, but Baba has taught her to grab it on one bounce most of the time.  It’s amazing to watch the new things she’s learning to do every day!  She’s starting to look like such a little girl and not so much like a baby anymore.

5-30-07-5.jpg 5-30-07-6.jpg 5-30-07-7.jpg 5-30-07-8.jpg

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

We haven’t actually done any celebrating yet, but maybe I’ll have more stuff to post later!

Here are some Anna pics to tide you all over:

5-24-07-1.jpg 5-24-07-3.jpg

Gather ye “rose-buds” while ye may, old Time is still a-flying; And this same flower that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying. (Robert Herrick)

5-24-07-6.jpg 5-24-07-4.jpg 5-24-07-5.jpg

And this photo is of our good friend, Diane, with her lovely grandbaby Rebecca.  Check out those chubby cheeks!


Anna goes on a hike

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Not really a hike, but a pretty long walk for a little girl. We walked almost exactly 2 miles on Saturday afternoon, and Anna walked all but about the last block of it, and she only got picked up then because she started throwing rocks. No complaining, just happy trundling along. She gets kind of irritated about having to hold our hands all the time, but otherwise she has a great time. I think she’s going to have a happier metabolism than her baba and mama.

Here are some more photos from our “big walk”:
5-15-07-1.jpg 5-15-07-2.jpg 5-15-07-3.jpg 5-15-07-4.jpg

Here are a few from Sunday after church:
5-15-07-5.jpg 5-15-07-6.jpg 5-15-07-7.jpg

And here’s Anna’s passport photo, which she will be stuck with for the next 5 years. We submitted her application on Monday, and I was actually able to take and edit a photo that was acceptable to the passport people!

Paddle your own canoe

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

Anna learned today that you’re never too young to paddle your own canoe.

5-5-07-3.jpg 5-5-07-4.jpg 5-5-07-5.jpg 

We started out with me raking the front yard, trying to put our driveway gravel back in the driveway, instead of in the grass where our plow man always deposits it every winter.  It’s sort of an annual redistribution.  Anna wanted to help, which was great, but that meant she wanted to hold the rake.  We only have one leaf rake, and it’s a bit on the large size for Anna, so her helping meant I wasn’t raking either.  So, I went in search of something she could use without hurting herself, and happened on one of our canoe paddles.  Perfect!  She had a ball.

5-5-07-1.jpg 5-5-07-2.jpg

Not a lot of news this week, but we did manage to find Anna a pair of “puddle boots” on one of our shopping adventures.  She stomped in every puddle in New Hampshire that day, and made everyone who saw her smile.  We also found a cute pair of matching mommy and me pajamas.  I’m not sure she appreciated the fact that they were the same, but they’re a size 4, so she’ll be able to wear them for the next two years, at least!

5-5-07-7.jpg 5-5-07-6.jpg 

I leave you with a video clip of a game that entertained Anna for a few minutes outside this afternoon.  Before I happened onto the canoe paddle, I encouraged her to pick up some of the stray gravel and put in back in the driveway where it belongs.  She made a few trips with gravel before she figured out that wasn’t so fun as the rake!  I’m going to be looking for some more child-sized tools for this kid!