Paddle your own canoe

Anna learned today that you’re never too young to paddle your own canoe.

5-5-07-3.jpg 5-5-07-4.jpg 5-5-07-5.jpg 

We started out with me raking the front yard, trying to put our driveway gravel back in the driveway, instead of in the grass where our plow man always deposits it every winter.  It’s sort of an annual redistribution.  Anna wanted to help, which was great, but that meant she wanted to hold the rake.  We only have one leaf rake, and it’s a bit on the large size for Anna, so her helping meant I wasn’t raking either.  So, I went in search of something she could use without hurting herself, and happened on one of our canoe paddles.  Perfect!  She had a ball.

5-5-07-1.jpg 5-5-07-2.jpg

Not a lot of news this week, but we did manage to find Anna a pair of “puddle boots” on one of our shopping adventures.  She stomped in every puddle in New Hampshire that day, and made everyone who saw her smile.  We also found a cute pair of matching mommy and me pajamas.  I’m not sure she appreciated the fact that they were the same, but they’re a size 4, so she’ll be able to wear them for the next two years, at least!

5-5-07-7.jpg 5-5-07-6.jpg 

I leave you with a video clip of a game that entertained Anna for a few minutes outside this afternoon.  Before I happened onto the canoe paddle, I encouraged her to pick up some of the stray gravel and put in back in the driveway where it belongs.  She made a few trips with gravel before she figured out that wasn’t so fun as the rake!  I’m going to be looking for some more child-sized tools for this kid!


4 Responses to “Paddle your own canoe”

  1. Sara says:

    Hi Billie: Congratulations! I am so excited for you guys. I knew you were working on adoption, but didn’t realize it had happened! It is great fun isn’t it. Cole is 20 months old and is doing something new everyday. Enjoy!

  2. Pat says:

    Anna is clearly saying Mao-mao. That is cat in Chinese. Whenever you can allow her to hang onto those words as it will help her language development as she gets older. She is so Mia……


  3. Charlie's mom says:

    We wish you a Happy 1st Mother’s Day!!

  4. Charlie's mom says:

    Thank you so much! We have a sleepy, beautiful puppy (o.k. a nearly 10 yr. old dog). She looks like a little lamb.