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Anna goes on a hike

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Not really a hike, but a pretty long walk for a little girl. We walked almost exactly 2 miles on Saturday afternoon, and Anna walked all but about the last block of it, and she only got picked up then because she started throwing rocks. No complaining, just happy trundling along. She gets kind of irritated about having to hold our hands all the time, but otherwise she has a great time. I think she’s going to have a happier metabolism than her baba and mama.

Here are some more photos from our “big walk”:
5-15-07-1.jpg 5-15-07-2.jpg 5-15-07-3.jpg 5-15-07-4.jpg

Here are a few from Sunday after church:
5-15-07-5.jpg 5-15-07-6.jpg 5-15-07-7.jpg

And here’s Anna’s passport photo, which she will be stuck with for the next 5 years. We submitted her application on Monday, and I was actually able to take and edit a photo that was acceptable to the passport people!