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Lilacs in May

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007


Spring seems to have arrived in earnest in the Northeast Kingdom, at last.  The apple tree has finished blooming, the lilacs are fragrant, the roses are budding, our second replacement fir tree is dying, ahhhh….

Miss Anna received a lovely little romper for my birthday last week from Grandma.  She wore it shopping in the afternoon, and practically everyone we walked past had to comment on how cute she was.

5-30-07-1.jpg 5-30-07-2.jpg

Mama was on call much of the weekend, but finally got to come home Sunday afternoon and do a bit of cleaning.  I did the kitchen floor, and Anna did the living room.  She’s advanced from plain old brooms to the power appliances.

5-30-07-3.jpg 5-30-07-4.jpg

We went out yesterday afternoon to play a bit of ball.  Anna is quite good at throwing the ball, and kicking it is fun.  She still doesn’t really have the hang of catching it yet, but Baba has taught her to grab it on one bounce most of the time.  It’s amazing to watch the new things she’s learning to do every day!  She’s starting to look like such a little girl and not so much like a baby anymore.

5-30-07-5.jpg 5-30-07-6.jpg 5-30-07-7.jpg 5-30-07-8.jpg