More pics of Will

Even though Will is from a relatively small orphanage, it seems to be a little more open about allowing adoptive parents to visit, at least the grounds and reception areas.  We weren’t even allowed through the gate of Anna’s orphanage in Guigang.  They watched us pretty hard as we took photos of the gate.  

Several families who have been to Ningxia over the last year took numerous photos of the children, and because of Will’s apparent outgoing personality, he figures prominently in many of the photos.  I have had several requests to post the photos I have, so I’m filling up this post with pictures!  I have carefully edited them to display mostly Will, and not other people’s children or families.  I think all of these photos were taken between February and May of 2006, so over a year ago.  The little photos I posted in the referral announcement are the only recent photos I have of him.

There are currently 5 or so families waiting to travel to Ningxia for their children with special needs, but in general, it is a province that has done very few international adoptions.  The reasons for this are unclear.  It is the second smallest province in China, so one would expect overall fewer numbers of abandoned children.  Another speculation is that, being an autonomous region, the more populous Chinese Moslems are not subject to the same one-child rule that the Han are.  Therefore, they would not be as likely to abandon their firstborn daughters in order to be eligible to have a son instead.  However, they would be just as likely to abandon a child with special needs, thus perhaps increasing the SN adoptions done from that area.  Also, as a small, relatively poor province, it is speculated that the cost of preparing the paperwork of a child for international adoption may be prohibitive.  In short, we don’t know.  But folks that have been recently have had a wonderful time there, so we’re excited to visit, and see a very different China this time around.

7-6-07-1.jpg 7-6-07-2.jpg 7-6-07-3.jpg 7-6-07-4.jpg 7-6-07-5.jpg 7-6-07-6.jpg 7-6-07-7.jpg 7-6-07-8.jpg 7-6-07-9.jpg 7-6-07-10.jpg 7-6-07-11.jpg 7-6-07-12.jpg 7-6-07-13.jpg 

Edited at 12:34PM:  I just looked back through my posts and realized I have never included the contents of Will’s most recent update from the SWI.  Don’t get excited; it’s from 3/28/07, so nothing really new, but just for kicks, here goes:

  • His current health is good and he has had no colds or fevers
  • His cleft lip appears to have no effect on his teeth, at this point
  • He is potty trained and doesn’t need his diaper at night any more
  • He sleeps in his own small bed an does not need a nightlight
  • He does not recognize colors (seemed an odd thing to include; perhaps they accidentally put in the “not”?)
  • He is talkative and “can not say much complicated sentences and his speech is almost clear”
  • He attends preschool at the orphanage
  • He has used a western style toilet (as opposed to the infamous squattie potties)
  • He does have a favorite friend and interacts well with other children
  • He is social and tends to be a leader (this was in direct response to a question I asked, because I noticed that he is always in the middle of every single picture)
  • He is closest to his caretakers (prefers women) and other children at the orphanage
  • His favorite toys are cars and toy bricks
  • He is affectionate
  • He is “passionate to strangers” and can greet them
  • He has been around small pets and likes them
  • His favorite foods are ALL kinds of foods; he is not a picky eater and can use a spoon.

I’m thinking that he will have a strong personality, and will likely compete with the young princess for our attention.  Life will most likely be difficult in the short run, as they get used to each other, but in the long run, we will be so fortunate to have 2 strong-willed kiddos who are social and outgoing and can stick up for themselves!

3 Responses to “More pics of Will”

  1. Nicki says:

    What a cutie. He looks like such a happy guy in all those photos. You will definitely have your hands full for several years to come!!

  2. JJC says:

    I hope he won’t be sad to leave the orphanage. Maybe he’s just a happy-go-lucky kid. We’ll see.

  3. Shelley from BC Canada says:

    Hi! We received a referral for our son from Ningxia yesterday! He’s going to be 3 on October 1, 2007. I was thrilled with the photos you posted on July 9th. Do you connect with others who’ve been there? I couldn’t find an orphanage group for Ningxia. Please pass on any info you have. Thank you! Shelley Peters