A new ‘do

Yes, I should be in bed, or cleaning the house madly because my parents are arriving tomorrow for a 2 week visit with their granddaughter, but it’s much more fun to sit at the computer, so here I am.

My young banana had her first real haircut yesterday.  She’s had her bangs trimmed before, but the back of her hair had finally grown out enough that it could be trimmed up a bit to even out the chop job that was done in China.  She endured it like a little trooper.  She was even more impressive, because she had to sit through Mama’s entire cut and color appointment; Baba was teaching a class.  She was very well-behaved, and entertained everyone at the salon.  She even consented to wear the little cape this time around!  Here are the pics of my little bathing beauty:

7-20-07-101.jpg 7-20-07-11.jpg 

Some other random shots of Princess Banana:

7-20-07-2.jpg Mmmmm …. chocolate ice cream

7-20-07-3.jpg My favorite new shoes – I get these out almost every day and slosh around the office in them

The following photos were taken earlier this week, before the apparent destruction of the sun, or at least its presence in northern New England.  You’ll note that there are visible shadows, and we are not soaking wet.  That must have been our summer.  We’re back to rain every day, and 60-70 degree highs.  I think I might have to go to Seattle so I can dry out.  Anway, enjoy the cutest child in the world wearing the cutest kitty-cat outfit in the world – an outfit I will have you know she bu yao’d mightily in the store, but changed her tune about when everyone she ran into that day oohed and aahed over her clothes.

7-20-07-4.jpg 7-20-07-5.jpg 7-20-07-6.jpg 

7-20-07-7.jpg 7-20-07-8.jpg 7-20-07-9.jpg

2 Responses to “A new ‘do”

  1. Marsha Carey says:


    How precious is little Anna–sure hope I get to meet her some day! So glad life is settling to a better routine for you all. Don’t worry about Will at all–my experience with little boys (and big ones as far as that goes) is that he is a charming, energetic, and full of spirit little guy and that is just PERFECT! Life with boys is awesome. Be prepared to laugh and laugh and just enjoy your new family. Anna will love him too because she had friends at the orphanage as well. Congratulations to you all!

    Please call us or let us know when you are going to OK and maybe we can join you to meet your new family members. Raymond has had a rough few months healthwise but would love to see you all as well. He loves you all very much. Be sure to send him some pictures or something because he, of course, is not internet empowered! Neither is Aunt Dorothy.


  2. Long Lost Cousin Lisa says:

    Hi Billie!

    Anna and Will could not be more blessed to have such great parents-congratulations on all of it!

    Ok, so I have been lurking here for almost a year, keeping up with the ongoing wonders and discoveries of the lovely Anna. But after her recent haircut I finally had to write- I had flashbacks of Elizabeth at that age, with the same exact cut-too cute!!
    In fact, the similarities don’t stop at the hairstyle, we too have a highly opinionated and decisive daughter. By the way, if you have any tough questions or dilemmas you only need to submit them to Liz, at 8 she already knows all of the answers!

    I know you guys are super busy this week with the company (Hi, Aunt Norma and Uncly Bill!) but if you get a chance, and would be so kind as to email us your snailmail address, I have something I want to send to Anna.

    Are you coming to Checotah for Christmas this year, or will the arrangments to bring Will home have you globetrotting again? The big brother/little sister combo is huge fun, enjoy!

    Paul and I would love to see you sometime, and we just could not be happier for you guys, again, congrats!

    Lisa Rae Bittle Buckelew (or as Uncle Jim used to call me “Liza Jane”