Day 45 – Again

As I typed the title for this post, Microsoft’s system software tried to autofill the entry box with the same text – Day 45 – prompting me to look back through my blog and find that I had posted an entry on exactly the same day of our wait for Anna last September.  You can go back and read that post by clicking here.  It’s funny that it’s about this time in the wait that I feel compelled to talk about it.  I think I’m getting a bit antsy after a month and a half of waiting! 

For those who don’t remember how the process works, that’s OK, because it’s slightly different this time around.  After Anna’s adoption, the Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs instituted a new step in the Special Needs adoption process.   They are now requiring a signed Letter of Acceptance, or Letter Seeking Confirmation, from parents before they will issue the TA, or travel approval.  When your dossier has cleared the review room and progressed to the match room, they send out these letters, which must be signed and returned ASAP.  I haven’t seen one yet, but my understanding is that you simply must agree to accept this child.  It’s something you would have thought would have been obvious from the Letter of Intent we all send at the beginning of the process, petitioning to adopt a specific child, but apparently, they need more now.  There is speculation that this new step has been instituted because there have been several “disruptions” of special needs adoptions in China recently.  A disruption occurs when a family travels to China, meets their child, and finds that the needs of the child are greater than they understood or are prepared to deal with, and they elect not to adopt that child.  This generally happens very infrequently in the Waiting Child program, because these parents are already prepared to accept a child with medical needs, but occasionally, something completely unexpected will present itself. 

For whatever reason, this letter now must be signed and returned.  TAs have been arriving anywhere from 2-4 weeks after the LOAs are received.  Overall, this has not had much of an effect on the timeline, but my impression is that TAs are taking longer to arrive than they did last fall.  We received Anna’s TA after a 77 day wait last year; right now, TAs are taking between 90-100 days to arrive, on average.   Ninety days for us right now would put our TA arriving in the first week of September, giving us a chance of traveling in September.  If we get out to 100 days, then we likely wouldn’t travel until late October, because there are a variety of holiday government closures and a hugh trade fair in Guangzhou in October, so adoption travel is impossible in some cases, and very expensive in others.  We’re hoping for the shorter end of the spectrum.

So, our timeline in a nutshell:

  • LID 6/6/07 – the date from which we begin our countdown
  • Travel Packet II – we haven’t received this yet, but it comes from our agency, and is triggered by a notification that our dossier is through review and into the match room – we expect to get this in the next 2 weeks or so.
  • LOA – usually comes a week or so after TPII
  • TA – 2-4 weeks after LOA
  • Travel 10-21 days after TA

In order to follow this timeline the way I am predicting it, we should receive our LOA in the next 2-3 weeks.  With another 2-4 week wait for our TA, that would put our total wait at around 90 days. 

Guess we’re just about halfway there!

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