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Day 75 – LOA!

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Apparently I just hadn’t complained hard enough yet about the fact that our Letter of Acceptance had not yet made its appearance.  Today, day 14 after the infamous Travel Packet II from our agency, we received notice that our LOA had arrived in Denver.  They’ve overnighted it to us, and we’ll sign it tomorrow and overnight it back to them.  We get to start counting from today, though. 

Unless they get our TA to us by the end of August (that would be only 11 days from now), it’s unlikely that we’ll get to travel in September.  But, it’s not impossible, so I’m not giving up hope yet.  It’s just a pretty slim chance right now. 

By the way, we’re home safely from our little mini-vacation to the coast of Maine.  I’ve got photos galore to edit and post, and I’ll be doing that in the next couple of days. 

Here’s a quick video of our little water baby to “tide” you all over:

Day 74 – and no LOA

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

I’ve been holding off on posting because I was waiting until we received our letter of acceptance so I could pass on the good news.  By all historical rights, we should have gotten it LAST Monday, and it should already be back in China.  But, no such luck.  We learned toward the end of the week that the one guy who signs the LOAs was out of the office last week.  He could have done it before he left, but no. :bleh:

So, as Joe describes it, it feels like our son is being held hostage for want of a piece of paper.  The likelihood that we might travel to get him in September has pretty much evaporated.  Assuming they get busy and get our documents moving, we will probably travel the last week in October.  We’ll see.  Stay tuned.

A “borrowed” photo

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

A very nice woman on our orphanage Yahoo group who is also waiting to go get her little boy just received a new photo of him.  Amazingly, young Will is featured in the back row, being held up by the woman in the blue shirt.  Isn’t he just the cutest little boy in China?! :yes:


TP2 – again!

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Do you all remember last October, when we were waiting for word on the progress of Anna’s adoption?  On October 19, we got a notice from our agency, CCAI, that our dossier had been moved from the review room to the match room.  I know, this doesn’t sound all that interesting, but it’s actually a big step.  It meant we had been thoroughly reviewed, and China found no problems with our dossier.  There was no longer any real question about whether we would be allowed to adopt her.  It was just a matter of time.  A very short time, at that point, because we traveled a mere 21 days later.

Well, today we got that same notification about Will!  Our dossier has been moved to the match room!  We will not be traveling in 21 days this time, though.  No need to get THAT excited.  China has added an extra paperwork step to the process since last fall, and we are now awaiting a document called the Letter of Acceptance, or the Letter Seeking Confirmation.  This letter will state that we will accept Will as our child.  That’s it.  How complicated.  Especially since we spent hours composing a letter of intent to adopt Will back in February.  Like we’d just change our minds and not tell anyone.  Oh, well.  At least things are moving along. 

Most folks have been receiving their LOAs within a week, and it’s something we have to sign and send back to our agency by overnight mail.  They ship it off to China, and then we get in line for our TA, or travel approval.  That typically comes 2-4 weeks after the LOA.  So, we have a very good chance of traveling before the end of September to pick up Will!  Woohoo!!!!

Another family adopting from the province of Ningxia with our agency also got their “match room” notice today, so it’s pretty likely that we’ll be traveling together.  What a treat!  I really wasn’t expecting to have travel companions this time around, since Ningxia processes so few international adoptions.  But it appears we will.  More friends to make!

It’s fun to be 2

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

A couple of quick videos demonstrating how much fun it can be just to do the simple things. Oh, to be 2 again!

Anna’s beautiful quilt

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Anna received a stunningly beautiful handmade quilt today from the Wagners, wonderful family friends back in Bartlesville.  It’s composed of photographs of Anna from her first few months with us.  I will try to post another picture of it later after I have hung it on her wall, but for now, enjoy!


Picture Post

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

I’ve been collecting pictures all week, but have not been clever enough to come up with anything to write about.  I’m just going to throw a bunch of pictures out there for you to enjoy.  Our recent highlight has been the visit of Grandma and Grandpa Winter, who arrived last Saturday (July 21) and will be staying through August 6.  Anna is having a blast playing with Grandpa, and has almost decided that Grandma is OK. 

8-2-07-15.jpg 8-2-07-16.jpg

8-2-07-14.jpg 8-2-07-13.jpg 8-2-07-12.jpg 8-2-07-11.jpg

“I love my new dress from Aunt Ina!”

8-2-07-10.jpg 8-2-07-9.jpg

“I’ll play with anything, as long as it’s not one of the 4,372 toys that my parents have lovingly purchased for me, spending approximately $284,935 of their hard-earned cash!” 

8-2-07-8.jpg 8-2-07-7.jpg

“Aunt Cheryl’s taste in summer wear isn’t too bad, either!”

8-2-07-4.jpg 8-2-07-6.jpg 8-2-07-5.jpg 8-2-07-3.jpg 8-2-07-2.jpg

Visiting Stephen Huneck’s Dog Chapel in St. Johnsbury

8-2-07-1.jpg 8-2-07-19.jpg

“I can run SO fast!”

8-2-07-18.jpg 8-2-07-17.jpg

“I thought Mama was NEVER going to let me sit at the big table!”

Thank you so much to Aunt Ina and Aunt Cheryl for sending Anna such lovely clothes, and to “Charlie’s Mom” for the wonderful collection of books that Anna has been reading to Grandma all week.