Picture Post

I’ve been collecting pictures all week, but have not been clever enough to come up with anything to write about.  I’m just going to throw a bunch of pictures out there for you to enjoy.  Our recent highlight has been the visit of Grandma and Grandpa Winter, who arrived last Saturday (July 21) and will be staying through August 6.  Anna is having a blast playing with Grandpa, and has almost decided that Grandma is OK. 

8-2-07-15.jpg 8-2-07-16.jpg

8-2-07-14.jpg 8-2-07-13.jpg 8-2-07-12.jpg 8-2-07-11.jpg

“I love my new dress from Aunt Ina!”

8-2-07-10.jpg 8-2-07-9.jpg

“I’ll play with anything, as long as it’s not one of the 4,372 toys that my parents have lovingly purchased for me, spending approximately $284,935 of their hard-earned cash!” 

8-2-07-8.jpg 8-2-07-7.jpg

“Aunt Cheryl’s taste in summer wear isn’t too bad, either!”

8-2-07-4.jpg 8-2-07-6.jpg 8-2-07-5.jpg 8-2-07-3.jpg 8-2-07-2.jpg

Visiting Stephen Huneck’s Dog Chapel in St. Johnsbury

8-2-07-1.jpg 8-2-07-19.jpg

“I can run SO fast!”

8-2-07-18.jpg 8-2-07-17.jpg

“I thought Mama was NEVER going to let me sit at the big table!”

Thank you so much to Aunt Ina and Aunt Cheryl for sending Anna such lovely clothes, and to “Charlie’s Mom” for the wonderful collection of books that Anna has been reading to Grandma all week. 



One Response to “Picture Post”

  1. Charlie's mom says:

    We’re glad Anna enjoys the books. What a wonderful quilt that Anna received! Probably Becky and Charlie will expect me to make them quilts. Enjoy the time with your folks!!