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Quick Hello from Guangzhou

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

Hooray! Back in civilization! We had 3 hours of flying to get here, I had a squatty potty experience with Anna in the airport I hope NEVER to repeat, and Will is a bit out of control. But, life is better already. We’ve already got our first lunch from the WS Deli Shoppe, we’re planning dinner at Lucy’s, and Anna seems to be feeling completely normal. I’m going to keep dosing her with ibuprofen today, because I fear the fever will return tonight, but I know what to do about it here. And I have Diet Coke. Sigh….

Jason met us at the airport, and greeted me with a big hug. Anna seems to remember him as well. He had to meet another group, so he sent us and the Krys on to the hotel. We met his roommate Bruce who helped us check in. He seems very nice as well, but he is working with another group. We have Jason and Kathy.

We are so happy to be here and NOT in Yinchuan. The only thing better would be being home…

The last day in Yinchuan

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

It’s late, and we have to be out of the hotel by 6AM tomorrow to fly to Guangzhou, so this will be a short post with few photos.

We started out slowly this morning, since Laura was able to pick up our passports, and we didn’t have to leave the hotel at any particular time. We finally had the experience in the restaurant that so many others have had, with the waitresses fawning over Will, talking to him in Chinese, fixing his napkin and plate, etc., and we had no idea what anyone was saying. It’s frustrating, and annoying. They were even unrolling his sleeves when we left (which I had laboriously rolled up earlier because his sleeves are too long!!!) Grrr. They only got away with it because we were the only ones in the restaurant at the time.

Anyhoo, we went out as a group to do a little last minute shopping and pick up some province-specific souvenirs. I can’t talk about it because some of them are gifts. We did get to go to the nice foreign language bookstore, and I picked up some cute books with English and Mandarin text. Dr. Seuss and things like that. Then we traversed to a little park, and let the kids go on the grass. It was their first opportunity to run since we got here. Will was only interested in pushing Buck and Trish’s stroller around until I got worried he was being too rough with it and made him stop. Then he started running around with Anna and Isabella.

11-2-07-2.jpg 11-2-07-3.jpg

11-2-07-1.jpg Rough housing with baba

11-2-07-4.jpg The requisite photo that all the locals want to have taken with the very odd American tourists with Chinese babies.

After the park, we went over to KFC and had some lunch.  It was crowded today, and we ended up sitting on high stools at a counter.  I thought it would work OK, but after various spillings of drinks and dropping of corn, etc., it wasn’t such a success.  But we all got some food down, and then it was back to the hotel.

Anna and Will and Baba all went down for naps and Mama started plotting the packing.  Then things got scary, at least for me.   Anna woke up very fussy from her nap, and Baba thought she felt a little warm.  We took her temp, and it was 102.5!  102.5!  OK, time for Mama to panic!  I immediately gave her a dose of ibuprofen, started her on some apple juice, and high-tailed it down the hall to Trish’s room.  Trish is a nurse and has worked in the school system for 23 years, I believe.  She had me bring Anna down and examined her thoroughly, found no rashes or pustules anywhere, and pronounced it a virus.  We came up with a strategy to get her through the night and to GZ successfully tomorrow, where there will be western docs and western medicine in case we need it.  Trish, bless her heart, was able to keep me from calling a cab and taking Anna to the airport immediately to wait for the first flight home!

It took about an hour, but Anna started perking up, and by bedtime, she was acting completely normally.  She drank about 3 glasses of apple juice, ate a healthy portion of ramen noodles and some of the little bun crackers the kids like so much here, and watched Backyardigans.  I drifted back and forth between sanity and panic, trying to pack sensibly without losing my mind.  We never did retake her temp because she felt normal to the touch and was acting fine.   We took a lukewarm shower, and I gave her another dose of ibuprofen before bed.  I’ll repeat it again before we leave tomorrow, and that should hold us to GZ.   Auntie Nicki did yeoman’s work tonight, running over to the market, getting us more apple juice, trying to find us some tylenol to alternate with the ibuprofen if needed, and having a very interesting experience at the little pharmacy there, discussing Chinese herbal medicine with a very nice man who was doing translation for her on his computer.  She actually ended up talking to a friend of the pharmacist on the phone who was an English-speaking physician.  She recommended a particular herbal therapy in addition to the ibuprofen, so Nicki felt she had to buy it after they were all so nice to spend so much time helping her.  I packed it away.  I’ll show it to our guide and find out what it is.   Then Nicki came back and cooked us all ramen noodles since the mama was too loopy to do it successfully.  This was my biggest fear about this trip – that I would take Anna out of the country and then she would get sick, and I wouldn’t be able to get appropriate care for her.  So, I was all primed to panic.

We’re mostly packed, Anna seems to be fine and should make it to GZ without any problems, and hopefully this won’t be too nasty of a virus to ride out.  I don’t know if she got it from Will, or picked it up somewhere else in our travels, and will be passing it on to him in the next few days.  Yippee.  That’ll be just about the time we’re trying to travel home.  And he isn’t over his other cold yet.

Don’t worry about us – everyone except for me is sleeping peacefully, including Anna.  I will post when we get set up in GZ to let you know everyone is alright.  Trish also thought it was possible that Anna might have a temp just from dehydration since she wasn’t showing any other signs, so getting all that juice into her may have helped.  It is extremely dry here (you saw the desert!) and we did do lots of running around, and Anna did spill virtually all of her drink at KFC.  If the fever doesn’t recur tomorrow night, we may be out of the woods.