The Pearl River Cruise

I got the final pictures from my beloved Fuji Finepix F20 uploaded onto my computer today, so I’m posting some of the shots from our Pearl River Cruise last night. It was a very pleasant excursion, even though I think our guides were a bit worried about it. They mother-henned us all over the place, trying to make sure we didn’t come to any harm. I keep wondering what CCAI would do to them if one of us were to get lost. It must be something far worse than simply losing their jobs. They take a lot of pride in their work, and it shows in the way they take care of us. Kathy even went so far as to hand write a slip of paper for each family with both destinations listed: the Pearl River Cruise and the White Swan Hotel, in English and in Mandarin characters, for us to show the taxi drivers in case we got lost. This was in addition to Bruce hailing each taxi for us, telling the driver where to take us, and closing us in securely before allowing the driver to take off. Needless to say, we all made it.

It was a very nice night. I had my fleece on, but probably didn’t really need it. The banks of the Pearl River are brightly decorated, and motoring along the river makes for a beautiful show.

11-4-07-8.jpg 11-4-07-9.jpg 11-4-07-10.jpg

11-4-07-14.jpg It was very cool to cruise past our hotel on Shamian Island.

11-4-07-7.jpg Baba said Anna had a fantastic time enjoying all the lights.

11-4-07-15.jpg The girls.  Note the angelic rays emanating from both of our heads.

11-4-07-13.jpg My impish son with Ayi Nicki, who is apparently sleeping on the job yet again.

11-4-07-12.jpg This pic is for Trish, to show that Izzy B isn’t always thrilled to be with her baba, either!

11-4-07-111.jpg Some of our friends from CCAI – Carson, Sheila, Teresa, Meggie on the floor, Eric, and just a bit of Violet.

11-4-07-16.jpg The last shot taken with my camera, and the last photo of me you’ll see from this trip, since Joe no longer has a camera.

3 Responses to “The Pearl River Cruise”

  1. Teresa says:

    Billie –

    Wow…me AND both of my kids in a pic on your blog?!! Guess our 15 minutes of fame starts……RIGHT NOW!! Best enjoy it quickly!

    Have to say, you’re starting to blog a little more verbosely…much like myself, I suppose…and I am TRULY enjoying it!! Keep it up.


    Teresa =)

  2. Billie says:

    Teresa, it depends on how snarky I’m feeling. I was pretty amused with myself last night, and kept coming up with zingers to crack myself up. Perhaps I should always wait to blog until after a double Tsing Tao dinner!

    The dancing elephant is included at my daughter’s request:

  3. Marion S says:

    Welcome home! Just treated myself to read your blog. At webshots there is a challenge till tomorrow afternoon with photos about music. Anna and Will in front of the two musicians would make a great entry!!! It was interesting to read how things went this time. Hope you got Will’s name straightened out. Was a bit worried about it, but glad when I read you are home!!!

    There were some of the photos which are sticking in my mind like Will sitting in the Kangaroo pocket, Anna an Joe with the monkeys, and the outstanding beautiful first three night shots of the Pearl River cruise.

    What happened to Joe’s Camera???

    Best of luck at home! Is it only one year ago that you brought Anna home? She adjusted so well and loves her Mama now as much as her BaBa.

    See you soon. Marion