Teacher let the monkeys out

Today, we went to the Guangzhou Zoo.  It’s not the San Diego Zoo by any means, but the animals appear to be well-cared for, and it was something the kids really enjoyed.  Anna has never been to a zoo, and I doubt Will has, either.  OK, I have to confess, I like zoos, too. 

I have to back up for a minute.  Will did not start the day out well.  He woke up, refused to give me a hug, and lost his favorite truck.  He continued to refuse to give me hugs as we were getting ready for breakfast (you don’t refuse the mama hugs around here! Ask the baba!) and lost more and more toy privileges.  He wasn’t just refusing to give me a hug, he was sticking an arm out behind him and squalling.   This, after I had snuggled him to sleep last night.  Hmph.  So, we were annoyed with each other, and we didn’t have a good breakfast, either.  He did manage to produce an acceptable hug after breakfast, and earned his beloved truck back.  Yes, I know I’m a mean mama.  Requiring a hug from my child.  How terrible.

We got out to the bus, and traveled to the zoo.  Kathy herded us around all morning.  We had about 2 hours to spend there, and we booked around, looking at all the animals.  We saw monkeys, tigers, lions, elephants, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, a panda, other bears, and various other large cats.

11-7-07-1.jpg The chimpanzee house – we didn’t actually see any chimps

11-07-07-2.jpg 11-07-07-3.jpg Some other monkeys

11-07-07-4.jpg Yet another monkey, looking at a bear

11-07-07-5.jpg Anna and Baba shortly after they had fed the bear their zoo map

11-07-07-6.jpg Yet more monkeys – the place was crawling with them!

11-07-07-7.jpg Is that the hippo or the mama?

11-07-07-8.jpg Oh, wait, maybe that’s the mama!

11-07-07-9.jpg There’s the mama, and she belongs in the zoo!  She matches!

There was a cute kangaroo statue with a pocket that a kid could stand in and pretend to be the joey.  Isabella would have none of that! 11-07-07-10.jpg

Of course, my little ham bone had no problem with it!

11-07-07-11.jpg 11-07-07-13.jpg 11-07-07-12.jpg 11-07-07-14.jpg

11-07-07-15.jpg The lone panda seemed a little sad

11-07-07-16.jpg Anna was worried about him

11-07-07-17.jpg But she got over it when we got to Monkey Hill!

For the amazingly low price of only 10 yuan per adult, you could go in with the monkeys and feed them.  Joe and Nicki beat me to it, so I had to stay up top and take pictures of the festivities.  Nicki tried to get them to keep Will, but the handler told her that would cost WAY more than a lousy 10 yuan.

11-07-07-18.jpg Recovering from the monkey adventure with Kevin and Carson, and Trish and Isabella

11-07-07-19.jpg 11-07-07-20.jpg There was a beautiful tiger, and we were very careful not to upset him by “striding over”

This was the cutest thing at the zoo.  There were several groups of preschool aged children visiting, and they were all lined up so neatly, and all holding on to each other’s shirts, and there was no pushing or shoving or yelling.  I can’t imagine a group of American kids of any age behaving that well.

11-07-07-21.jpg 11-07-07-22.jpg

11-07-07-23.jpg I included this picture, not because I thought the water rats were cute, but to remind me that this is the precise point at which Will announced he needed to niao niao, pulled down his pants right next to me, and thought he was going to pee.  I know they let little ones do that here in China, but we DO NOT do that in Vermont or New Hampshire, and we’re going to get out of that habit ASAP.  I scolded, yanked his pants back up (which started the squalling again, of course) and called over the baba.  He helped find a more secluded spot for Will to relieve himself. 

11-07-07-24.jpg And yet, immediately after this incident, here’s the baba allowing both his children to stomp and splash around in a small puddle on the pavement.  It didn’t rain last night or this morning.  Hmmm….

4 Responses to “Teacher let the monkeys out”

  1. MOM says:

    Feeding the monkeys looks kinda dangerous to me. They would probably like my fingers better.

  2. Pat says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! My kids loved this and wanted to know how come we can’t do that at the Denver zoo. I told them girls had to go to the bathroom in the toilet and that was all there was to it. They said NO MOM……why can’t we feed the monkeys……OOOOHHHHHH…… They feed the giraffes at the Cheyenne Mtn. zoo in Colorado Springs. They would just have to live with those big long tongues reaching out for snacks.

    Last day…. I’m glad you’re coming home soon. It’s time…….

    Pat & girls

  3. Carol says:

    We went to a zoo in Xian and it was awful. I wanted to free the animals. Most were sick. The guide was really excited because she had never been to a zoo. Wow, she would pass out if she saw the Washington Zoo in DC. I could barely get thru that trip. Even my kids felt sorry for the animals!

  4. Eric says:

    I’m glad you were brave enough to feed the monkeys! It’s the best buck-thirty-five I’ve ever spent. I thought the moneys were very gentle and well behaved, and the seemed healthy. Still, I don’t think my traveler’s insurance would have covered a monkey attack.

    (Pat – we’ve fed the giraffes at the zoo in the springs. They ate something that looked like Rye Crisp crackers.)

    Have a safe trip home!