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Leaving soon

Friday, November 9th, 2007

This will be my last post from China. I have some nice photos of the kids playing today, but it got too late with all our frantic packing to put a post together, so it will have to wait. We leave the hotel at 6:50 AM tomorrow, and arrive in Manchester about 29 hours later. Ugh. Lots of long layovers to get through.

We did some playing in the White Swan playroom, hunted for McDonalds only to learn that the close one just off the island was closed for renovations, ended up at Lucy’s yet again for lunch, got some last minute shopping in, bought an extra suitcase, ordered in Papa John’s pizza, and packed. And packed. And packed. Finally, we have 4 suitcases, all under the 44 pound in-China flight limit, so we shouldn’t have to pay any extra fees. Yahoo, yahoo yippee! (More Backyardigans!)

You probably won’t hear from us for a couple of days, so don’t panic. “Don’t panic!” as Anna says when baba is getting upset. “It’s alright!” She’s a sweet kid. Will is coming around. He did have a couple of time-outs in the playroom over possessiveness of toys that were most certainly not his, but he had an OK afternoon and evening. I’m just wearing out my shusher trying to keep him civilized in the hotel room. I’ll be so glad when we’re home and he can go outside and become the 4th dog if he wants to. Howl at the moon, little man!

See you soon!