Home, at last

It was a long, hard, 32 hours straight of travel, door to door, but at least we’re finally here, all in one piece. 

I’ll try to post more tomorrow, but for now, just wanted to let everyone know we’re home. 

3 Responses to “Home, at last”

  1. Eric says:

    Welcome home, Billie! I’m glad you all arrived safely. I know you must be feeling absolutely shattered from jet lag. We’re finally all coming around ourselves. I can’t wait to hear how Will likes his new home.

    I’m sorry our families didn’t see each other more in GZ.


  2. ralph says:

    welcome back, billie and joe and anna and will!!!! so glad you are home and resting (?). get acclimated back to u.s. time and enjoy the food!!!

    ralph, et al.

  3. Cathy Jerousek says:

    Welcome home,

    Accept any help that is offered. I am so glad you are home safe and sound.

    Love, Cathy