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Finally, some sleep

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

I have to apologize to my loyal reader(s) for my lack of posting since we’ve been home.  Everything is absolutely fine; we’re just tired.  Days have been OK, but nighttimes have been horrid.  The kids have been going to bed OK, but waking up at about 2 AM and not going back to sleep until 4 AM or after.   I typically do my blogging, etc., after I’ve gotten Anna to bed, but I wasn’t getting any sleep in before she was awake again, so I finally resorted to going to bed with her so I could at least get a few hours of sleep before we had to wake up for our nightly “bounce around the bed and giggle” session.  I was really getting enough sleep, but it was broken into 2 segments.  Finally, last night, I was on-call so I didn’t get to bed until 2 AM, but I was able to fall blissfully asleep and ignore the giggling toddler in my bed.  I slept until 10 AM.  What a treat!  I have to work tomorrow, so I’ll have to try to get to bed a bit earlier tonight, but I actually felt human for much of today.

I believe I deserve a medal of honor for today.  Joe had to teach most of the day, so it was really my first day home alone all day with the kids (Joe’s was yesterday.)  We had a nice day, and after lunch, I was even brave enough to pack both the kids in the car and venture out to the grocery store.  That went well enough that we headed over to Walmart to get Will some boots for our upcoming weekend on the Maine coast.  Naturally, since I was wearing baggy sweats and had greasy hair and looked like I’d been run over by a truck, I must have run into approximately 97% of my acquaintances in one or both stores.  Sigh.  At least it was 38 degrees and raining, so I had some excuse for my bedraggledness.  Other than just being a lazy slob.

Really, things are going better than I could have hoped.  Will is settling in, and aside from being sad and grieving some at night, he’s very cheerful.  We’re working on some behavior issues, and trying to get it across to him that grinning and mugging at us while misbehaving is not going to make us say, “oh, how cute” and let him get away with it.  He lost his chicken leg 3 times tonight for waving it around in the air instead of eating it (it was his second one; he was too hungry the first time to play games with it.)  He tends to do this with his fork, etc., and often drops things on the floor while he’s waving them around.  The first two times he was just not being careful, and when I took it away, I only kept it for a minute or so before getting him to agree to keep it close to his plate while eating.  The third time, he was almost done, and clearly teasing as he grinned at me while waving it around.  He lost it for good that time.  Don’t worry, I’m not starving the child; he had 2 chicken legs, corn, chocolate pudding, and orange, and cookies for dinner.  I think he’ll live.

We had quite the saga choosing some boots at Walmart.  I really just wanted rain boots for Will, but of course it’s too late in the season for that.  They only have those apre’ ski-type boots now.  I hope they’re relatively waterproof.  We studied them all, and finally chose some cute Thomas the Tank Engine boots for Will.  I wasn’t going to get Anna any because she has SEVERAL pairs of boots already, but she was getting a bit put out about it, so we picked out some Dora boots for her.  As we were leaving the boot aisle, Will spied a big display of … Spiderman boots!  I never saw a little boy’s eyes light up so fast!  I held out the Spiderman boots and the Thomas boots for him to choose, but it was no contest.  But don’t feel sorry for Thomas, because as soon as Will abandoned him, Anna wanted him instead.  She clearly chose Thomas over Dora, and I didn’t complain because the Thomas boots are blue, instead of the requisite “girl pink” that all of her other boots are.  Here are some shots of them modeling their boots at home:

11-15-07-6.jpg 11-15-07-5.jpg

Some other random shots from this first week at home:

11-15-07-3.jpg Ringing Nonno’s clock shortly after we landed in Manchester EARLY Saturday morning

11-15-07-4.jpg Opening their lovely books from “Charlie’s Mom”

11-15-07-1.jpg 11-15-07-2.jpg What could be better – sittin’ on your wheels watchin’ a football game!