My little cheeseballs

Grandma Winter sent both kids vests from Macy’s to help keep them warm indoors in our frigid house.  They were both quite enchanted with them, and they had a good time modeling them.  After a year of training, I think Anna has finally mastered the “cheese” face, so that she only looks a little bit fake.  Will seems to have it down already.  I just have to keep his hands occupied during photos so he isn’t sticking them up in front of his face making the “peace” sign, or “V for victory”, or whatever it is all the kids seem to do in China.

11-22-07-14.jpg 11-22-07-15.jpg

One Response to “My little cheeseballs”

  1. MOM says:

    I am so glad the kids like the vests. I thought that running around in pjs in the morning might feel a little warmer in vests. No wonder you don’t have time to write with all the chasing around. There are a great number of delicious frozen family size meals at the grocery store. Loved all the pictures. grandma