The Maine coast

Last weekend, we traveled to a rented house on the Maine coast as part of Kay and Raoul Casciari’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration.  It was the first opportunity for Aunt Renee and Uncle Jon, Aunt Eileen and cousin Colin to meet our young Will.   I was having serious second, third and fourth thoughts about going as we crawled through Franconia Notch in near blizzard-like conditions to get there, but it warmed up as we headed south, and by Saturday morning, the weather in York was just beautiful, as you can see from the photos.  Cold, but lovely.  The house was beautiful, with plenty of room for all of us in separate sections, so we didn’t keep each other awake.  Anna and I were in one room, and Joe and Will in the other, and both kids slept through the night for the first time since arriving home from China.  The house, and the views from the front porch, are shown below.

11-22-07-1.jpg 11-22-07-2.jpg 11-22-07-3.jpg 11-22-07-4.jpg 

11-22-07-5.jpg Cousin Colin in his jumpy chair

We were only a short walk from “Short Beach”, which had a lovely playground attached, so we spent an hour or so playing in the afternoon.  Most of Anna’s time was spent trying to keep her hat on (yes, Mama forgot to bring her hood, although I did have gloves for both kids.)  Somehow, winter caught me by surprise.  Winter has been so late in arriving here the last couple of years (not until January!) that coming home from the 80 degree weather in Guangzhou to find winter in full swing was a bit of a shock.  I was scrambling to find winter coats, and I haven’t located all the mittens and hats yet.  Trying to get out the door Friday night in a timely fashion after a full day of work was quite a challenge.  Thank heavens Natalie, our housesitter for the weekend, was already at the house, and was willing to put in an hour of baby sitting so Joe and I could do our last minute packing and load up the car.  Thanks, Natalie!  Let me know if you ever feel the need to spend a couple of uninterrupted hours with 2 rowdy children!

Pictures from the beach:

11-22-07-6.jpg 11-22-07-7.jpg 11-22-07-8.jpg 11-22-07-9.jpg 11-22-07-10.jpg 11-22-07-11.jpg 11-22-07-12.jpg 11-22-07-13.jpg

Grammy was able to walk down to the playground with us, and I think she had a really good time playing with her new grandchildren.  Will did very well most of the weekend; he’s very outgoing and quite the charmer.  He still does his best to win everyone over with his cuteness, as a prelude to misbehaving while grinning at us cheesily.  It doesn’t work with Mama and Baba, of course, but it does with everyone else, so he tends to gravitate to other people when he has the chance.  He’s done well this week, though, and is even approaching us for spontaneous hugs on occasion, so I think we’re making progress! 

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