Your reward for staying tuned

Our lives have been in pretty severe disarray since the baba decided to practice his nonexistant tumbling skills in our driveway three weeks ago.  Many things have been happening, but I have found myself with neither the time nor the energy to sit down and engage in heavy photo editing and timely image uploading (yep, still on satellite internet here – better than dial-up, but no competition for high speed internet), and without the brain power required for my normally exceedingly witty commentary.  I am not promising any witty commentary today, either, but I think I have some cute pictures, so perhaps that will make up for it.

After Joe’s discharge from the hospital, we added essentially a third, much more cranky toddler to our household.  One that couldn’t get up and down the stairs by himself or get his own clothes off or get in the bathtub by himself.  One that weighed a heckuva lot more than the other toddlers.  One that not only could not look after the original toddlers but that could not really look after himself.  Thus. we were very grateful to accept the help of friends and family to babysit the whole crew while I went back to work.  The Tuesday morning shift was ably handled by our pastor and his 3 children, who drove over during the early stages of a snowstorm, and then endured me backing into their car as I left my garage.  I’m still exasperated at myself for that one.  Crumpled the rear corner of his car.  Just made a little dimple in the plastic of my rear bumper.  Fortunately for me, I drive a tank.  Pastor and Lori have dubbed my Tribecca the “Civic Killer.”  Ah, well, I have been paying exhorbitant insurance premiums for many years.  Perhaps it’s time they helped me out a bit. 

More snow fell, and on Wednesday, my associate Priscilla volunteered to come over and watch the kids all day, which was wonderful.  I should have let her work for me instead, but I was itching to get out of the house.  When I got home, I was faced with a foot of new snow to shovel from our steps and the walkway between the house and garage.  The piles of existing snow were already well over 6 feet, and I discovered that it is difficult to throw snow that high.  I, by the way, have never shoveled snow before in my life, and I never had any intention of learning how to do it.  Why else would I have a husband?  All I can say is, thank heavens he will be recovered by the time the lawn needs to be mowed. 

Thursday, Joe’s parents, Kay and Raoul, arrived to take over kid duty for a couple of days.  After a full day of babysitting on Friday, Kay was worn out.  I was a bit disappointed in Will’s behavior.  We had made great strides in cooperation, and he was really starting to step up to the plate to help mama out while baba was incapacitated.  Unfortunately, with new people in and out of the house, I started to see him testing his boundaries again, sassing people, refusing requests, making faces, etc.  Apparently, I am the only adult he has developed any respect for at this point.  I guess much more work will be required in that area. 

Joe was able to watch the kiddos himself on Saturday morning while I went to work, and I took them to church on Sunday.  Joe had his first doctor recheck on Monday, and got an excellent report.  The doc said not only could he fly to Oklahoma, but he could drive a car!  So, he put a short cast on Joe’s leg, gave him strict restrictions, and sent him on his way.  Meanwhile, I had developed a weird lump on my ring finger on my right hand, directly beneath the ring I wear on that hand.  Red, painful, about half a pea-sized.  By Sunday night, the knuckle of my hand had begun to swell, too, and knowing that we were probably going out of town, Joe managed to wrangle me an appointment with our doctor’s office at the same time as his recheck.  Turns out I had an abscess, which required lancing, antibiotics and a tetanus shot.  Woohoo!  So two little kiddos had to sit and watch their mama having minor surgery on her hand.  They were wild indians in the exam room, but watching me go through that in the treatment room sobered them right up!  Unfortunately, the tetanus-diptheria-pertussis vaccination leveled me, and I spent the next 36 hours with a fever, sore joints and a headache while I tried to work and perform surgery, etc.  Fun, fun, fun!

I guess I have no photos from this week, so I’m going to end this post here and start up another one with our trip to Oklahoma.  Off I go to orchestra rehearsal, so I’ll try to get back to the blog tonight.

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