Shower shots

Not THAT kind!

My local readers know that my technician, Jen, is grossly pregnant right now, and about to pop at any moment. We just hope, for her sake, that it isn’t quadruplets! Our CPC crowd had a shower for her last week at the Oasis in Littleton, and we had a very nice time. If that little boy EVER runs out of onesies, it won’t be our fault!

Here are some photos of the happy event:
3-28-08-3.jpg 3-28-08-1.jpg 3-28-08-2.jpg

3-28-08-4.jpg 3-28-08-6.jpg 3-28-08-5.jpg Just in case you weren’t certain how happy Becky is that SHE’S not the one having the baby!

3-28-08-7.jpg The prized Vera Bradley diaper bag from Natalie

Selfishly, I’m only posting pics of Jen with the gifts I got for her…

3-28-08-8.jpg 3-28-08-9.jpg 3-28-08-10.jpg  Jen is SO excited to receive yet another incredibly adorable little boy outfit.  I hope she enjoys it now.  Once they get out of infant sizes, there are no more cute outfits for little boys.  Even finding separates nicer than jeans is a real challenge.  After lots of searching, I now have several nice church outfits for Will, but there’s no way I can put him in a different cute little outfit every week like I do Anna. 

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