A Doctor Monkey Baby turns 3!

My April Fool’s baby turned 3 this week.  Bless her little heart – her birthday fell on a day where Mama works in the morning, and Baba works in the afternoon, and I usually just hand off the torch to him on my way in, and he runs out immediately.  We made a big effort this week for Mama and Auntie Renee to come home early enough for a little lunchtime birthday party.  Of course, that was also exactly the time the refrigerator repair man showed up to work on the ice maker, so we had to have a picnic lunch on the living room floor.  We had meals from “Happy Donald’s”, which means Happy Meals from McDonald’s.  You’ll notice that Anna is wearing elbow length satin gloves and a big ring in all of her photos – her princess prize from her Happy Meal.

I believe this will always be known as the panda and monkey birthday.  Almost everything had one or the other on it.  She’s been into monkeys ever since we watched “Big Bird in China” last fall in preparation for our trip, and the Monkey King played a prominent role.   On to the pictures…

4-6-08-1.jpg 4-6-08-4.jpg

4-6-08-3.jpg 4-6-08-2.jpg  Hooray!  It’s finally my birthday!  Anna bugged me and bugged me the day before her birthday about a birthday hat.  I hadn’t really thought of hats, but she did, so I made certain we had some.  She wore hers all day, and in fact, is still wearing one when she happens to run across one laying around the house.  Other hat shots:

4-6-08-5.jpg 4-6-08-6.jpg 4-6-08-7.jpg

4-6-08-8.jpg A very unattractive self-portrait of the Mama in her hat.  This was the best of several attempts.  It took me awhile to figure out that I needed to look up at the camera instead of down.  I have fewer chins this way.

4-6-08-9.jpg 4-6-08-10.jpg This photo not only shows Will but also the pile ‘o presents on the table in the living room.  Yes, even the big cardboard boxes are full of presents.

The panda shots:

4-6-08-11.jpg 4-6-08-12.jpg 4-6-08-18.jpg 

4-6-08-19.jpg Our intrepid explorer uses her panda binoculars from Grandma and Grandpa.

4-6-08-23.jpg Hi-yah!!!  I want to go shovel snow with my panda shovel!  Took awhile to convince her that her little trowel would work better when the snow was gone and she could shovel in the dirt.

4-6-08-24.jpg Stylin’ in my panda glasses.  Grandma says they’re sunglasses.  We’ll see if and when we ever have any sun here whether they darken in the sunlight.

The monkey shots:

4-6-08-28.jpg The big sleeping monkey had to be escorted immediately to Anna’s room for a nap.

4-6-08-21.jpg The smaller kissing monkey had to go immediately to be with its mama.

4-6-08-22.jpg The five little monkeys had to go too.  Pretty soon there were a whole bunch of monkeys snuggled up on Anna’s bed asleep.

I have to stop here for awhile because I have to go to orchestra rehearsal.  I will try to finish up this evening, so please check back!

6 Responses to “A Doctor Monkey Baby turns 3!”

  1. grandma says:

    I have been waiting all week to see Anna’s birthday pics. Thanks, it is so much fun to enjoy a birthday through a 3 year old’s eyes. It looks like she had a great party.

  2. Comfort Rogers says:

    Happy Birthday sweet girl!
    The Rogers Family

  3. Nicki says:

    Those are some snazzy evening gloves. She’s ready for the red carpet.

    I feel very original that I didn’t send pandas or monkeys (maybe there was one monkey in there). Or else I’m just really out of the loop.

    Happy Birthday Anna girl!!

  4. Teresa says:

    Happy Birthday, Anna! Carson and I will wear hats all day in your honor!!

    Teresa =)

    P.S. Great pics, Billie!!

  5. Carol says:

    Happy 3!!!!!

  6. JJC says:

    Is Renee making some kind of gesture under her birthday hat? OK, now it’s time for the roller coaster (or is it a bobsled?)