The rest of the birthday pics

OK, so I didn’t get back to the post last Sunday, and I’m now ignoring a big pile of patient charts, but I’m going to get the rest of these photos up before some new big event happens.  Rather, I should say some happy event worth blogging about.  We’ve had a variety of issues this spring, ranging from Joe’s broken leg to staffing issues at work, from toddlers’ backsliding behavior issues to a horrible tax snafu that may cause us to send said toddlers out to sit on the curb with their sunglasses, white-tipped canes and tin cups.

Anyway, enough of that.  Here are the pics:

4-6-08-20.jpg  Oh, my goodness!  The Wiggles sent me a birthday card! 

4-6-08-25.jpg  Mama keeps making me read these cards!

4-6-08-26.jpg  Aaaack!  More stuff to read!

4-6-08-27.jpg  Seriously?!!!  Underwear?!!!!   I thought I was too young to get underwear for my birthday! At least it has Elmo on it.

 4-6-08-13.jpg 4-6-08-14.jpg Auntie ‘Nee brought me some beads to string and a doll to dress.  Guess she’s going to be in charge of teaching me the “domestic arts!”  (If this doesn’t induce Renee to submit a comment, I don’t know what will!)

It was a bit of a hard lesson for Will to learn that he cannot always be the center of attention.  When it’s someone else’s birthday, you have to take a back seat.  Fortunately, Mama had gotten him a little robot to enjoy, and Grandpa sent him a little Tonka truck, trailer and tractor to play with.  But it was still painful for him to not grab Anna’s presents and try to weasel his way in between Anna and Auntie ‘Nee when they were studying a gift.  He probably doesn’t remember his own birthday; it was a confusing time, following so closely on the heels of Christmas.  Perhaps next year he will have a bit more comprehension.

4-6-08-15.jpg 4-6-08-16.jpg 4-6-08-171.jpg

Oh, and a special note for Grandma – before you point out that Anna’s shirt is too short, and that’s precisely why you bought her 279 new shirts while she was visiting in Oklahoma – Anna chose her own shirt out of her drawer that day, and Baba thought it was all right for her to do that on her birthday.  Fortunately, it happened to be a good match for her super dressy McDonald’s gloves!

And now, a small collection of birthday videos:

And now, I’ll finish up with a photo of my silliest dog, who had a wonderful time stepping up onto the picnic table as soon as he discovered the snow on the deck had melted just the right amount.

2 Responses to “The rest of the birthday pics”

  1. JJC says:

    Just to let everyone know, Will tried to stand up on his truck and fell off, hence the band-aid on his nose.

  2. grandma says:

    I am glad to see what that Panda does. Does he crawl? And Anna plays the piano so well already, when will you start her lessons. Thanks for the rest of the pictures. Being three is a great time. Happy Birthday Anna!!