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The snow is gone!!! (mostly…)

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

At long last, the weather was nice enough for the kids to spend a bit of time outdoors.  Still soggy, but at least they could see the dried brown grass and dog poop that has accumulated over the winter.  Anna has been dying to get out and shovel with her little trowel that Grandma sent her for her birthday, so we put on her little gloves and went out to sit in the dirt.

4-21-08-1.jpg 4-21-08-2.jpg 4-21-08-3.jpg

4-21-08-6.jpg An action shot – dirt flying everywhere!

4-21-08-4.jpg Will carrying the balls up the hill.  We’ve obviously got to work on his cardio fitness.  After about 3 trips up the steep hill in the backyard, he tried to quit chasing the ball altogether, and would just sit on his fanny in the grass.  I thought a kid with his energy level would have been able to do that all day.  Bonus – he fell asleep pretty quickly last night!

4-21-08-8.jpg “Cheese!”  His little cell phone camera gets lots of action.

4-21-08-5.jpg Porter had to do lots of rolling around – he’s missed the grass, too!

4-21-08-7.jpg Siri the wonder dog chasing the frisbee.

As they got bored, I put them to work collecting dry leaves for Mama.  Anna thinks leaves are really cool, and Will always wants to do what Anna is doing, so I got him to go to a different part of the yard and bring me leaves, too.  When we were finally ready to go inside, he was missing his cell phone from his pocket, so he had to spend a bit more time hunting that down so the dogs couldn’t eat it.

4-21-08-9.jpg 4-21-08-10.jpg

A Kid Cuisine pizza dinner, then band rehearsal, and both kids were ready for sleep.  What a treat!  Unfortunately, Anna snuck in a nice, long nap this afternoon, so I’m afraid tonight will not be so easy. 

The baptism of a Casciari

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008


The youngest Casciari, Colin Joseph, son of Joe’s younger brother Jon and his wife Eileen, was baptised Sunday at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Cambridge, MA.  We drove down Saturday afternoon, and stayed at the Hyatt Place Hotel in Medford.  It was a refreshing treat – a nice hotel with large rooms divided into a bedroom area and a sitting area with a big sofa bed for the kids, a 42″ plasma TV, fridge and sink area, an indoor pool, and a gallery area in the lobby where you could order freshly prepared entrees 24 hours a day.  I’d never been to one of these hotels before, but I have to recommend them for all the conveniences they offer.  Not cheap, but not horrible, either.  The kids got to swim in a big pool for the first time (I think it was the first time swimming, period, for Will.)  They had inflatable swimming rings, and they both learned to kick their feet to move around a bit.  Baba couldn’t really get into the pool with his broken leg, but he didn’t think to bring his camera, either, so we have no pictures to memorialize the big event.  In any case, the pool was heated, but not really very warm, so it wasn’t too long before our temperature wimp (Will) was turning blue and shivering, so we had to get out and dry off and warm up.  After dinner, the kids did great in their sofa bed, and Baba and I got to have the lovely king-sized bed all to ourselves!  Why don’t we have one of those at home?!

Sunday morning, we raced around and got ourselves out the door just in the nick of time to get to the church for mass.  The baptism took place immediately after the service, and Colin and another little boy were both baptised.  Colin, who is now about 8 months old, was wearing a family christening gown, and the other little guy was wearing the cutest little white tuxedo.  Both kids were very well-behaved through the ceremony.  The Winter Casciari kids did OK, too, with the application of the usual prophylactic behavior-control techniques we have to use at church at home.

4-20-08-1.jpg Will and Anna leading the parade between the service and the baptism.

4-20-08-2.jpg The proud daddy and Master Colin Joseph Casciari

4-20-08-4.jpg 4-20-08-5.jpg 4-20-08-6.jpg

4-20-08-7.jpg 4-20-08-8.jpg Kay, the godparents (Eileen’s sister and brother), Eileen, Jon, Colin and Raoul

After the ceremony, Jon and Eileen invited everyone over to their house in Arlington for a buffet lunch.  It was “Patriot’s Day” in Boston, and there are apparently lots of exciting events scheduled over the weekend.  I have no idea what “Patriot’s Day” celebrates, but there was a small-scale parade occurring just a block from Jon’s house, so after lunch, Jon, Renee, cousin Lily and her son Sal, and the kids and I trooped down to the parade route to watch.  The kids got to play a bit, watch fire trucks, see horses, etc. 

I don’t know anyone in this video, but I was really impressed with this fife and drum band.  This was a really professional-looking group, and they sounded great.  I thought I’d share a few seconds of it.  The rest of the parade was very similar to our typical small-town Vermont event, with lots of politicians stumping for votes, scout troops, and that sort of thing.

4-20-08-9.jpg 4-20-08-10.jpg Anna practicing her throwing technique

4-20-08-12.jpg Cousin Sal, and Will throwing at something…?

4-20-08-13.jpg See?  Renee’s smile can be captured, as long as you sneak up on her!

4-20-08-11.jpg Cousin Lily and Jon share a laugh

4-20-08-14.jpg 4-20-08-15.jpg Will enjoying the events

These photos were taken a few minutes before he took a swan dive off the short retaining wall we were sitting on.  He had been running up the two steps and jumping off the retaining wall the entire time, and I had been telling him to cut it out constantly.  “OK, Mama!” he says over and over again.  Not two seconds after the last warning, I notice he’s laying on the sidewalk at my feet, with his little face all screwed up.  I made him get up and sit down on the wall.  After a few seconds, the tears started in earnest, and I noticed he had a big lump starting on his forehead.  So, that was the end of the parade for Will and Mama.  We had to go back and look for ice.  Fortunately he had Grammy and Nono to hold the ice on his head and keep him from eating it, because it obviously wasn’t hurting much by that time.  I did my best to practice my Love and Logic techniques, being sympathetic, and letting the consequences of his actions do the teaching.  I don’t know how successful I am at it, but I’m trying.

Naturally, Anna got to stay at the parade with Auntie Renee, and in the process she got an Italian ice to eat, and … drum roll, please … She got to hug Elmo!  Can you believe it?!  Elmo was at the parade!  Apparently, the first time he came by, he was mobbed by toddler girls, and Anna couldn’t get close enough.  Fortunately, he came back by, so Anna and Renee rushed up to be first in line, and Anna got a hug!  She was so excited!  She was really surprised that Elmo was so big (adult human-sized, I imagine) and couldn’t get over that.  I’m sorry to have missed that part.  I would really like to have seen her with Elmo.

We left soon after for the long trip back to Vermont, and arrived home before dark Sunday evening.  So, a successful outing overall!

Finally, a short video of the actual baptism: