The snow is gone!!! (mostly…)

At long last, the weather was nice enough for the kids to spend a bit of time outdoors.  Still soggy, but at least they could see the dried brown grass and dog poop that has accumulated over the winter.  Anna has been dying to get out and shovel with her little trowel that Grandma sent her for her birthday, so we put on her little gloves and went out to sit in the dirt.

4-21-08-1.jpg 4-21-08-2.jpg 4-21-08-3.jpg

4-21-08-6.jpg An action shot – dirt flying everywhere!

4-21-08-4.jpg Will carrying the balls up the hill.  We’ve obviously got to work on his cardio fitness.  After about 3 trips up the steep hill in the backyard, he tried to quit chasing the ball altogether, and would just sit on his fanny in the grass.  I thought a kid with his energy level would have been able to do that all day.  Bonus – he fell asleep pretty quickly last night!

4-21-08-8.jpg “Cheese!”  His little cell phone camera gets lots of action.

4-21-08-5.jpg Porter had to do lots of rolling around – he’s missed the grass, too!

4-21-08-7.jpg Siri the wonder dog chasing the frisbee.

As they got bored, I put them to work collecting dry leaves for Mama.  Anna thinks leaves are really cool, and Will always wants to do what Anna is doing, so I got him to go to a different part of the yard and bring me leaves, too.  When we were finally ready to go inside, he was missing his cell phone from his pocket, so he had to spend a bit more time hunting that down so the dogs couldn’t eat it.

4-21-08-9.jpg 4-21-08-10.jpg

A Kid Cuisine pizza dinner, then band rehearsal, and both kids were ready for sleep.  What a treat!  Unfortunately, Anna snuck in a nice, long nap this afternoon, so I’m afraid tonight will not be so easy. 

One Response to “The snow is gone!!! (mostly…)”

  1. grandma says:

    As soon as it is warm enough, you will have to buy Anna some flower plants to put out in your flower beds. She must take after grandma Bittle, who was a wonderful gardener.