Auntie Nicki visits

Or Auntienee Nicki, or something like that.  Will never could grasp the concept of what Nicki’s name was, until the very last day, when Nicki finally had the brainstorm to ask him to call her plain ol’ Nicki.  Suddenly, he could do it.  Turns out he has somehow determined that “Auntie ‘Nee” (for Renee) is really all one word, and it is a generic term for aunt.  We’ll have to work on extracting the “auntie” from the “nee”.  Kids’ little brains are just weird sometimes.

Nicki had a very nice visit, I think.  I enjoyed having her here.  The kids had a ball, so much so that Anna was missing her naps and having evening meltdowns toward the end of her 5 day visit.  I think Anna’s terrible two’s were a breeze compared to what her three’s are going to bring us.  In any case, we didn’t do anything exciting while she was here; just our normal everyday routine.  Will got to help her make cupcakes (or “pupcakes” as Anna dubbed them) while Anna and I went to band rehearsal last Monday, and Auntie Nicki made dinner for us a couple of times, so Joe and I got to relax a bit more than usual. 

Without further ado, here are the much-awaited pictures from her visit:

5-12-08-8.jpg 5-12-08-9.jpg 5-12-08-10.jpg Armed with fresh flashlight batteries, Auntie Nicki and her crew of helpers go on a rescue mission down the hall.

5-12-08-11.jpg 5-12-08-12.jpg 5-12-08-13.jpg

Our family isn’t quite goofy enough, so Auntie Nicki had to try to teach Anna how to hang a spoon on her nearly nonexistant nose.  She achieved it for a few seconds on one occasion.  Will was in his room doing time for some sort of extreme malfeasance, so he missed out on these festivities.  Since his nose is even smaller than Anna’s, I doubt he missed out on anything other than frustration.

5-12-08-14.jpg Anna thought that, given the size of Baba’s honker, he should be able to hang SEVERAL spoons on it.

5-12-08-15.jpg 5-12-08-16.jpg 5-12-08-17.jpg

Anna modeling a cute little summer outfit that Grandma bought her before she ever came home with us.  It finally fits – she is actually growing!!!

5-12-08-18.jpg 5-12-08-19.jpg

The requisite group shot.  Typical Winter family nonsense.  These were the best of the 824 pictures I took.  And, no, Will would not look at the camera for any reason that morning.  Will the Pill is not an inaccurate moniker. 

Even though Nicki isn’t in these shots, she was with us as we checked out the Powerhouse Mall in West Lebanon.  This adorable bench was sitting at the top of the stairs, so I had to make the kids pose on it.  I imagine that bench has been there for years, and I’ve probably walked past it 100 times, but until you have a monkey for a child, you just don’t notice things like this!

5-12-08-20.jpg 5-12-08-21.jpg

We miss Auntie Nicki already.  We think she should come live in Vermont.  We have companies that could use her extraordinary accounting skills up here.  And we have less cold (albeit more snow) than Minnesota, so it might actually be a beneficial trade-off!

2 Responses to “Auntie Nicki visits”

  1. grandma says:

    I remember the spoon trick from Wednesday school when Nicki, Julie Weise, Claudean Hollman used to walk around with a spoon stuck on their noses. Will has a different bark than the other 3 dogs.

  2. Nicki says:

    Nose spoon-hanging is a difficult skill to master, but I think Anna might get there. Be sure to make her practice.

    I enjoyed visiting very much. You all will have to come visit Minnesota soon so Anna can see her Uncle Tony again. You have some really special kids.

    Tell them that Auntienee Nicki Noonoo Doodleydoo loves them!