Happy Mother’s Day

My second Mother’s Day was very nice, with homemade handprints and cards from the kids, and a pair of diamond stud earrings from the baba (and the kids, he tells me) purchased from my favorite jeweler.   I can’t post a picture of them here without posting a picture of myself, so I’m going to refrain, but they are very pretty and sparkly, at 3/8 c total diamond weight.  My jeweler assures me that this manufacturer sets the diamonds very deeply and firmly, and the backs that grab onto the posts are very stiff, so they don’t fall off.  Perhaps I can actually wear them without losing them!

5-12-08-32.jpg 5-12-08-30.jpg 5-12-08-29.jpg

5-12-08-31.jpg 5-12-08-34.jpg 5-12-08-33.jpg

After church, Joe grilled some steak tips out on the grill, and I had fresh tomatoes in dressing for a side.  I managed to top last year’s supercalifragilisticexpialadocious expedition to Ocean State Job Lots with a trip to the nearest Walmart Supercenter with just my little daughter for company.  That really was a treat.  We shopped and laughed and bought lots of ingredients for low-calorie dishes so mama can continue her ill-fated, everlasting quest for svelteness.

In other news, we visited a local in-home daycare facility on Thursday, in hopes that we would like it, and that she might be able to take care of our kids on just one day of the week over the summer.  Daycare providers usually can’t do things like that; it is hard to find just the right combination of part-time kids so that you can still fill up your allotment and maximize your income.  It just so happens that she has someone on-board for the summer who has the day off on the day we need help, so it’s going to work out just right!  It was a nice home with a very kind and caring mama, so I think the kids will do fine there.  We’ll probably try to set that up in the next couple of weeks.

On Friday, both kids trucked over to Waterford School with Mama and Baba for their preschool screening.  How exciting!  They met the teacher, and sat and played with toys and interacted with a couple of other kids for about 30-45 minutes.  There was a speech pathologist there as well, listening for problems.  He won’t be there in the fall, but he’ll be passing his notes on to the next person, so they’ll be apprised of Will’s possible language issues.  The teacher thinks Anna seems very normal for a 3 year old, and anticipates that she will have her come just 2 mornings a week.  Four-year olds typically come 3 days a week, but if they need special help with socialization (check!) or language (check!), she’ll have them come 4 mornings to help accelerate their preparation for kindergarten.  And if that doesn’t work, Will could just stay another year in preschool and enter kindergarten when Anna does the next year.  Everyone we met seems very nice and competent, so I’m quite optimistic that it will be a good place for our kids.  When we bought our house in this town, everyone told us we were so fortunate that we would be able to send our children to this school, as it is the best elementary school in the area.  We weren’t concerned about that at the time, but now, we’re really happy the kids will have that opportunity.  We also thrilled we’re finally getting a chance to put some of our tax dollars to work in our favor!

Here are some random shots of Anna from this spring that I’ve never managed to get posted anywhere:

5-12-08-7.jpg Anna watching Piglet’s Big Movie

5-12-08-4.jpg 5-12-08-5.jpg 5-12-08-6.jpg

Now, how am I going to convince Mr. Penn State that we need to move back to Oklahoma in about 12 years so I can send the kids to OU?

2 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Teresa says:

    Billie –

    Happy Mother’s Day! I really wish you WOULD post a pic of you and the fabulous earrings…we don’t JUST want to see the kids, ya know. (Way to go, Joe, for the great gift, by the way. I got a card and a Hershey Special Dark candy bar — yes, you read that right, a stinkin’ CANDY BAR — only after I shamed my husband when I originally got NOTHING! But I digress…

    Lovin’ the updates!!

    Teresa =)

  2. Nicki says:

    Billie, did you get the stickeriffic cards the kids made you too? I know Grandma was very impressed with hers.

    Happy Mother’s Day!!