The Earthquake

I’m sure everyone has heard about the massive earthquake that ocurred in China’s Sichuan province on Sunday.  Sichuan is in the south central region of China, as is Anna’s home province of Guangxi. 


Guangxi and Sichuan are separated by the province of Guizhou.  There are many news stories out there, so I won’t describe much here.  I will note that our adoption agency, CCAI, has had word from their Sichuan representative.  Most of the adoption activities in all provinces occur in the provincial capitals, and Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, was far enough away from the epicenter of the quake to avoid damage to all but the oldest buildings.  Any adoptive families in the area, and as far as we know, the orphanages, are safe.  The stories about families searching for children in the rubble of collapsed school structures are absolutely heart-rending. 

We are hearing so much more about China these days, most likely because China is gaining influence as a world power.  I’m sure the unpleasant things that are happening there are no more serious than one would expect in a very populous developing country, and have probably been happening there for many years.  But my awareness of those things has certainly increased, and all I can say is I am very grateful that I was able to go there and take my two little precious children out of there, hopefully to a better place.

On a totally unrelated note, our little Anna, with absolutely no effort by Joe or myself, has suddenly acquired the ability to go to sleep by herself.  A few days ago, I noticed that she was trying to kick me out of her room, saying, “good night, bye bye!”  I’m kind of slow to take those kind of hints, so it took me a few more days, but I got really tired of laying there by her waiting for her to go to sleep, kicking me, wiggling, etc.  So, the last few nights, I’ve been staying with her a little while and then coming up with some reason I need to leave.  She’s been OK with it.  Tonight I basically read her a story, then turned out the light and told her I was going to take my bath.  She said that was fine, and by the time I was done, she was asleep.  Amazing.

Now, if only she would potty train herself…

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  1. Charlie's mom says:

    We really enjoy keeping up on your little ones’ gains and experiences. We call time outs, “thinking time” in my class. Charlie would have been sent to time out, but he’s just too darned cute. He did his very first naughty thing, ever. It involved a roll of toilet paper….need I say more. I’m sure he was just trying to take it upstairs to keep by his kitty litter box. He is “gifted” you know! Charlie likes to bop Becky on the head, everytime she goes by him, while he’s on a chair. They get along so well! Happy Spring!