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In memory of Uncle Jim 1927-2008

Friday, May 23rd, 2008


My mother’s eldest brother, Jim Bittle, passed away this evening at home.  He had a long, wonderful, full life, educating and helping to shape the lives of many young people in eastern Oklahoma.  Uncle Jim was a tall, imposing man, and I was always a bit afraid of his booming voice as a child, but he loved children, and teased and cajoled all of his many nieces and nephews. 

He was the second of the eight children my Grandma Bittle raised on a farm throughout the depression years in Oklahoma.  He was a family leader, and much beloved by my mother and her sisters and brothers.  Although my children won’t remember him, they did both get to meet him, and they’ll be able to enjoy pictures of him as they get older.

Here’s a little video clip from this March when I brought the kids home for a visit.  Uncle Jim is reading a book to young Will, who he met that day.

We’ll miss you, Uncle Jim, until we meet again.  My sympathies to Aunt Jean, and my mother and her siblings.