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Is it really this boring at our house?

Saturday, May 31st, 2008


It may be.  Pretty sad when you not only fall asleep at the table, but you do so WHILE chewing a piece of meat.  Perhaps we need to look into more tender cuts of beef?

It hasn’t really been that exciting in the last couple of weeks, but I’ll try to summarize things here.

  • The mama had a birthday last weekend.  We won’t mention which one.  Knowing that just makes everyone associated with me feel old, too.  In any case, I was on emergency call that day, as well as the day before and part of the day after, so I didn’t get to really enjoy it.  The baba did his best to make it a festive occasion.  We had an outing for lunch at Olive Garden and shopping at Target the next day.  All three kids (including the 47 year old) were whiny and annoying, so I had to read them the riot act on the way home.  All in all, a typical birthday experience for me.  I have a long history of the “birthday curse.”  Just ask my mother. 5-30-08-11.jpg 5-30-08-12.jpg
  • I’ve got another batch of orphan kittens I’m trying to keep alive long enough to wean.  This little litter of 5 was orphaned when mama kitty was hit by a car and killed.  They were only 5 days old.  I never thought they’d all make it, but it’s 7 days later now, and they’re all fat little balls of fur, so I think we might actually get them through this.  Anna and Will are interested in them, but not nuts about it.  I’m a little surprised they aren’t.  I’m certainly nuts about them – they’re just so cute!  But I guess that’s why I do what I do for a living.
  • The kids had their first daycare experience this week.  We checked out a nice little in-home daycare a couple of weeks ago, and thought the kids might fit in OK.   Joe will be teaching an all day class this summer which conflicts with my work schedule one day a week, and it just so happens that this daycare was able to accomodate the kids on that one particular day.  They spent about 8 hours there this week, and seemed to have a good time.  They got a good report from the caretaker.  Will didn’t want to come home.  But, after some rapid-fire misbehaving and a quick time out upon his arrival at home, he settled down and had a nice evening.
  • Anna graduated from her high chair to a booster seat at the table.  We should have done it a long time ago, but she was very comfortable in her high chair, and there was no reason to change.  But, I started to notice that her legs were so long that she couldn’t really put them on the foot rest anymore (I noticed this because she was suddenly putting them on the table instead.)  So, we’re trying it.  Whether or not she gets to remain at the table with the big people depends on how insistent she is at continuing the monkeying around that’s been occurring.  The jury is still out, and the high chair is still in the living room, waiting to be pressed back into service if need be.
  • We washed the mama’s car yesterday afternoon, and my little helpers were very active.  I have some nice pics and video snippets I’ll get posted. 5-30-08-4.jpg 5-30-08-5.jpg 5-30-08-6.jpg
  • I learned that fat-free ice cream has come a LONG way since I last tried it.  It’s actually edible now, and tastes pretty darned good.  The kids like it, too! 5-30-08-8.jpg 5-30-08-9.jpg
  • Joe somehow managed to mow the lawn with his broken leg (we’d been investigating riding mowers, but he didn’t want to get one for the few weeks we’d need it).  He’s paying the price today of some soreness and swelling.  At least he got the lawn mowed before we have to shoot him.

5-30-08-21.jpg The parties (tea parties, that is) just go on and on at our house.  It’s party central around here.  There will be no more falling asleep during dinner!