Half her life


June 1, 2008 was the 38th-month anniversary of Anna’s birth.  Here is a little snippet of a post I shared with some of my on-line adoption friends last week.  I thought everyone else might enjoy it, too.

Many times in the first months of Anna’s life with us, during her
rejection of me and my frustration and fear that she would never
accept me, our dear friend Pat told me over and over again that these
kids are not truly ours until we’ve had them for half their lives.

Miss Anna was abandoned at 1 month of age, and was in the orphanage
until 6 months of age. She went into a foster home at that point,
and stayed with beloved grandparents until we came to get her at 19
months of age. At about the time of her adoption anniversary last
fall, we became the home and parents she had known for the longest
period of her life.

On June 1, she passed the 38 month mark. We have now had this
wonderful little girl with us for longer than half her life. She is
so completely our child that I cannot even remember much about our
life before she came. She looks enough like me that people who meet
us for the first time always assume she was born to me.

This feels like such a huge milestone in our lives, and I’m just so
thrilled that we’ve made the progress we have, in such a short time.
19 months ago, it felt as if this time would never come, but here it
is, and I absolutely couldn’t love this child any more than I do.

It will be much longer before we’ve had Will for half his life, so it makes sense that some things will be slower in coming for him and for us.  But, time is on our side, so we will get there, regardless of how long it takes.

5 Responses to “Half her life”

  1. grandma says:

    We all love her and it doesn’t enter our minds but what she is 100% our little girl. She looks like her mama and has her great-grandma’s green thumb. She and her grandpa are kindred spirits and we thank God for his selection of Anna for your little girl.

  2. Kristin says:

    I began to see huge changes in Abby once we passed that “half her life” mark too. It was amazing. I didn’t see it so much with Anna Grace but she was younger upon adoption. You will see more and more of Anna as times passes. Enjoy your beautiful little one!

  3. Trish says:

    You give me so much hope for the future. I saw how close you and Anna were in China, and the prep before hand prepared me for what I about to face. Another 18months right? I will hang in there. Give the kids hugs and kisses!

  4. Teresa says:

    Billie —

    The thought that we’ll have to wait 42 more months until Carson meets that milestone makes me wanna pull out my hair, so I won’t obsess about that right now. For now, I will congratulate you and your family and tell you that I would like to order an Anna-In-The-Box for our house!!

    Teresa =)

  5. Shelley from BC, Canada says:

    Hi Billie,

    Just catching up on my blog reading. When I read what you wrote in this post I got all choked up. You have a wise friend. We have a ways to go in order to have had Garnet Baoer for half of his life, but as you say time is on our side. Thanks for the reminder!!
    Mom to J, F and Garnet Baoer from Ningxia (adoption date: Dec. 12/07 and birthdate Oct. 1, 2004)