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Kids and pics

Monday, June 16th, 2008

vertical-combo-2-inch.jpgI have one adoption friend, who shall remain nameless (Teresa!) whose children (Meggie and Carson!) are so annoyingly photogenic that every single photo she takes turns out absolutely adorable.  My children are just stinkin’ cute in real life, but photographs are another story altogether. 

I was attempting to get a nice photo of the two of them together last weekend so I could put it in a cute frame I bought my dad, and send it to him for Father’s Day.  They both had new outfits, and Will looked especially cute in his “Handy Manny” button-down shirt and shorts.  Anna always looks especially cute (don’t know what I did to deserve that!)

So, we went outside after church and took about 1000 pictures, of which one (I will post that at the end) was quite nice, and that was only after I had to do some pretty fancy photo editing of the background to remove the posterior of some poor lady who was bending over to pull weeds.  And don’t ask me who it was, because I don’t know.  It was not an unattractive posterior – it just didn’t really go with the theme of the photo. 

I edited one series of shots that were all taken in the same location and put them all together on the left so everyone can see the insane variety of facial expressions my children can produce, all while presumably smiling attractively for the camera.  When I see how goofy my two nice-looking children appear in 99% of the photos I take, it’s really not at all surprising that I virtually NEVER appear in a flattering light in photographs. 

Below is one shot of three we attempted after arriving at home with the whole family.  We all actually look pretty nice in this one, which is probably why my camera had some sort of seizure and did something really odd with the exposure.  It’s normally a very reliable little camera, so I don’t know what possessed it.  I can only surmise that it was one of those moments in which we were so perfectly aligned that an angelic aura surrounded us and confused the camera.  I adjusted it a bit to tone down the contrast so sunglasses wouldn’t be required to view it.


Here are a couple of other shots of Will and Alma having a polite conversation over cake, and the kids demonstrating their unposed cuteness, which is far greater than the posed variety, apparently.

     06080801.jpg 06080802.jpg

And here is the money shot, as promised.  This is the one that made it into the frame for Father’s Day.